Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes ‘Be’

Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'

When someone says Mumbai, I almost think of it as my sibling’s official name, the name people know formally and referred on legal documents, because Bombay is the personal name I use to refer her, a name I know since birth and find comfort in. But for the rest of the world, she is Mumbai so I’m gonna refer to her as Mumbai in throughout of the post. (That’s all for my share of sentiments over the name.)

Having been born and brought up in this city, people often dramatically refer to as the city of dreams, I do feel fortunate enough to belong to the land that sees people from around the globe(you read it right) having packed their expectations in a bag!

After spending my entire existence in this city, I’ve started to think that we need to be like Mumbai, yes ‘be’ What do I exactly mean? Read on a few qualities we need to pick from Mumbai as humans.

1. Being adaptable: I haven’t seen a city more adaptable than Mumbai, it literally adapts as per everyone and anyone. Be it the fine dine options for those who can afford or the vada pav stalls for those who find it difficult to make ends meet (Although vada pav really doesn’t know inequality, neither do we because who doesn’t love vada pav?) The adaptability doesn’t end at food, the lifeline local trains, buses to plush cars and roads built for their passage; the city allows everyone to commute as per their economic strengths.

 Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'
Dinner for two?

2. Allowing daydreams, fulfilling them: The city doesn’t care if you are an aspiring actor or a pseudo-entrepreneur, it doesn’t stop you from dreaming and is known as the city of dreams because if you put in efforts, Mumbai will help you reach closer to your dreams to finally fulfilling them.

 Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'

3. Being secular: You may be white, brown, black or otherwise, the city has certain corners open to all, it offers a shade to anyone and everyone if you seek comfort. Don’t believe me? Take a stroll around Marine Drive and you’re bound to witness the most diverse kind of population!

 Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'

4. Keeping the pace: A popular trait and survival tip in this city is to keep the pace, you can’t afford to move at your own sweet pace because 9.02 am and 9.05am are two different things. Traffic is bound to be an integral part of your life, you gotta keep the pace and keep a watch of your time to avoid a bad day!

 Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'
A fraction of seconds could mean missing that train

5. Letting there be humanity: While keeping up the speed game strong and knowing to mind your business is hell yes, important; the city reminds you to extend a helping hand when the need be.

Why We Need To Be Like Mumbai, Yes 'Be'
Notice the co-ordination and support?

P.S: There’s always a leaf to pick from things/people, let that source be Mumbai for today. Say what?
Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter and this my tenth post of fortnightly blogging.

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  1. Though am not a Mumbaikar, but I love the energy and liveliness of the city. I like locals, vada pavs, old mumbai, chowpati , marine drive, rich architecture etc etc. Its like a most awesome place for me after my hometown. 🙂 Cheers for writing this post on Mumbai ! 🙂


  2. It’s really nice of you to share your Mumbai vibes take 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading the post!


  3. Thank you so much, Deepa 🙂
    Indeed, Mumbai has its own charm.


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