Why We Are A Generation Of Sloppy Relationships

Why We Are A Generation Of Sloppy Relationships

Last week I spent an hour in the company of my grandfather. It wasn’t the best hour for him because earlier in the day his body decided to retaliate against the strange weather with a fit of high body temperature and low blood pressure.

For an 80-year-old who self-drives himself to his superstore every day, being bedridden even for a day is far from an ideal scenario for him.

Just when I sat next to him replying to a mail, he asked me what was I doing as I continuously tapped the mobile screen. I explained to him how touchscreen phones work.

He asked me if the phone could play some of his favourite tracks. I can’t remember the title of the film he had mentioned, but YouTube had the entire playlist.

I sat there in silence witnessing him enjoy some of his favourite songs from the 60s. For someone who grew up listening to Bollywood music with lyrics that make little or no sense, most often (No offence to anyone, but take Oonchi Hai Building for instance ) and later became acquainted with Hip hop, House, EDM… the list progressed; I know I’m not equipped to appreciate the music from that era.

However, despite being fully aware that this isn’t perhaps the most soulful music mix for me, I found it difficult to understand how he enjoyed simply lying down and listening to songs that were timed so slow. I knew I don’t have the patience for two things: 1. Listen to music that progresses with its own sweet pace. 2. Only listen to music and not multitask!

Why We Are A Generation Of Sloppy Relationships
Thoughts of our generation

I know not everyone reading this would agree with my ideology but I know many who would! And maybe that’s the thing about our generation, we don’t possess the patience to simply sit down and only listen to music, forget alone investing all our time in another person.

We meet prospective dates over a right swipe (even if we don’t, we love exploring dating apps), or connect with another person sometimes on just another social media platform simply because they like cookie cream ice cream as well!

Why We Are A Generation Of Sloppy Relationships
We all have thought like this

It’s because of our need for speed that we find ourselves taking decisions by the rate of wind. However, we most likely find ourselves opting out of those instantaneous relationships than going on and doing what it takes to make a relationship work.

We’re so self-centered in our own lives driven by our goals, our own souls and sorrows; that there is little or no space for another person’s ego to fit in. We’re the same generation who believes in social media PDA as we love to post pictures with our #BAE. But when shit goes down, I doubt many of us have the mental strength, patience, and even willingness any longer to fight out the clutter and make things work with that same person.

Why We Are A Generation Of Sloppy Relationships
You get the idea of Social media PDA

We’re a generation that has access to everything from information to entertainment at the hint of a suggestion on the internet, but we’re a generation that lacks patience and that’s probably why we’re a generation of sloppy relationships.

P.S: There are some sweet exceptions to the rule, there always are. Some still manage to smell the roses and make it work despite the contemporary chaos, but for the most of us, we’re only a generation of sloppy relationships. Until next time, #StayCurious.

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  1. Can’t agree more. Our generation is into social media but it is taking its toll on us. I bet so many of us will not sit for a meaningful conversation. In age of running around and stressful life, I think we are not really equipped to deal with them and hit raw nerve. Love your post.


  2. Thank you, Vishal 🙂
    I agree, we have forgotten to smell the roses.


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