Why UniQuest Is The Internet’s Gift To The Youth

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth

In today’s day and age when movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Eat Pray Love have led to the birth of globetrotters in the pursuit of soul searching, here’s another breed of individuals, perhaps more in numbers than the former category that we need to address; it is the web-trotters!

Don’t Google the term because you’re not going to find an actual meaning, it’s just a term for humans like you and me who spend way more time on the internet than required! One of the many reasons we love the internet is because it’s like Santa through 365 days, full of surprises.

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth
That’s us, the web-trotters in a nutshell

Just yesterday on one of my stops while web-trotting I discovered UniQuest, a website as uber-cool as its name and here’s why I think it is the internet’s gift to the youth…

1. Interest Rate

Ah, not the ‘serious-boring-maddening’ finance fickle, but our rate of interest/ attention span.   We’re a generation that believes in the think big philosophy and prospers start-ups under every roof today, but at the same time, we like to analyse ourselves and work on self-growth to walk the hundred foot journey. UniQuest is that window which opens to stories and ideas across these categories amidst speaking of millennials and more commanding our interest and time. And if a platform has your interest, it has your heart B-)

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth
That explains our mindset, doesn’t it?


2. Answer to curiosity

As ambassadors of the think big ideology and aspirants of being a success story, we often are left with a bunch of questions, right from funding to strategising and thus we find ourselves looking for the right answers in a pool of sources on the internet.  UniQuest does exactly that, answers our curious and extremely important questions towards the building block. Feeding curiosity to something that’s cult is always a good thing to do, wise no? 😛

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth
You know what to do when your search input looks like this


3Heart-To-Web talk

These curious questions are often followed by, “I wish I could talk to someone,” thought in our minds while we’re pursuing what we want. The struggle today is to connect with authentic individuals who’ve been there, done that, to guide us through the process and get clarity on numerous things. The speakers on webinars conducted by them allow you to understand all you needed to know in an interactive, personal session, all this in the comfort of your home/ office. Why step out to attend a seminar when there’s a webinar? (The rhyme scheme, though!)

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth
Yes, like this


4. One for all

How often does it happen that when you’re deciding to take the start-up leap or when you need a little mental upliftment that you decide to do everything from reading every inspiring book under the sun and start looking for quotes that bring the #Feels? (Okay, maybe the latter is an exaggeration.) But we all have to agree that visiting multiple websites, reading endless books can get taxing; UniQuest saves you the trouble by serving as a single platform to a sea of knowledge we crave for.  Doesn’t that sound like a restaurant which caters to all that suits your taste buds?

Why UniQuest Is The Internet's Gift To The Youth
You get the point

P.S:  If you’re as gaga as me about this offbeat concept, then you should check it out here right away. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. Seema, you’re one internet ninja..Thanks for sharing this!!!


  2. Hahaha, flattered!
    You’re welcome 🙂


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