Why TVF’s New Web Series Trailer Is Relevant AF

Why TVF’s New Web Series Trailer Is Relevant AF

From being a pioneer to the WEBSERA trend in India to being at the top of the brand integration game, The Viral Fever (TVF) time and again has proved the worth of its salt.

After the success of TVF Tripling, following a unique storyline; the makers are back with another interesting web series, capturing eyeballs and applauses for an untold story.

Telling the tale of Vipul Goyal, who in real life is the founder and CEO of a comedy promotion company, Humorously Yours, the trailer of the series titled Humorously Yours features the chronicles of a struggling comedian alongside popular faces from the Indian comedy circuit.

The 90 seconds sneak peek to the series had me thinking, “TVF’s new series trailer is relevant AF.”

Why? Read on…

1. Subject: Gone are the days when people want to embrace the big screen to be the next superstar. Sure, the country continues to have aspiring actors but thanks to digitisation, the number of people trying to track the comedy code, YouTube success or social media fame is rather high in the culture of internet celebrities today.  The story of an actor in the making is done and dusted, the struggle of a comedian? That’s refreshing to watch!

Why TVF’s New Web Series Trailer Is Relevant AF
Vipul Goyal


2. Reality Check: A story quickly captures more attention when it stems from real live experiences featuring authentic individuals, who’ve been there, done that. The trailer features AIB’s Tanmay Bhat sharing his pearls of wisdom to being a successful stand-up comedian. Alongside, there are teeny-tiny clips featuring popular stand-up comedians such as Sapan Verma, Varun Thakur,  Kunal Kamra, Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian.  These are faces that are today’s success stories and thus they instantly strike a chord with the audience.

Why TVF’s New Web Series Trailer Is Relevant AF
Snapshots from the trailer


3. Behind the scenes: Comedians are on a non-stop jokes marathon, they’ve hit the lottery with a couple of performances on stage form for some of the many misconceptions about comedians today, the trailer certainly suggests that the show is out there to bust some of these myths.  A walk-through the reality of an unconventional popular professional serves for an answer to people’s curiosity, steering clear of misconceptions.  

Why TVF’s New Web Series Trailer Is Relevant AF
A still from the trailer


P.S:  TVF’s new web series Humorously Yours releases on 11th December and it is every bit of contemporary.Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

Watch the trailer here:

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