Why TVF’s Bisht Please Fails To Impress

Why TVF’s Bisht Please Fails To Impress

For all you and I know, The Viral Fever (TVF) has been the pioneer of web content in India and on more one occasion, we’ve admired the content this digital maker has created but its latest outing Bisht, Please starring Nidhi Bisht as the protagonist makes me think otherwise to say: TVF’S Bisht Please is a disappointment.

Why? Read on as to find out why TVF’s Bisht Please fails to impress …

1. Good Girl gone far

For the first 3 episodes, the show was fun and games despite being an exaggerated version of reality, stereotypical at some point but entertaining at least and the one where they metaphorically reflect the problems of an average girl until episode  5 where the protagonist  wouldn’t pee in a men’s toilet because equality/respect for signs or a use a cafe’s washroom without being buying an item off the menu.

We understand, respect and relate to one’s strong sense of principles, but this one was a case of good girl gone far; making the character too saintly to be true.  

Why TVF’s Bisht Please Fails To Impress
Still from episode 5

2. Brand Integration alert

Remember how we discussed brand Integration in web series and we were all praises for TVF for acing the tricky job? Well, with Bisht Please X Snapdeal, subtlety died a thousand deaths. I’m not sure if episode 5 was generally sloppy or I’ve spotted too many issues to my eye, but a particular scene where they’re in a meeting mocking brand integration and placing Snapdeal in it and even towards the end of credit rolls, you sense being taken granted as a viewer.

Product placement is a challenge most creators struggle to muster, but making your viewers feel granted is not a lesson, brand integration promotes.


Why TVF’s Bisht Please Fails To Impress
Brand integration gone wrong


3. Dialogues do the drama

We’ve often applauded TVF for it’s real-time, relatable content, primarily the dialogues. But with Bisht Please, the makers just switched the gear in the reverse direction and we’re not happy about it. Sample some of these dialogues in the pictures below.

When a song’s title is used in a monologue,  you don’t even know how to react.  

Why TVF’s Bisht Please Fails To Impress
Still from episode 1

P.S:  This was my take on why TVF’s Bisht Please fails to impress, why am I complaining so much? Because with shows such as Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, and Tripling, TVF set a benchmark far too high, and Bisht Please looks almost like a first draft. Here’s to hoping that we’re not disappointed again, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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