Why This Web Series’ Trailer Is A Reflection Of Our Lives

Why This Web Series' Trailer Is A Reflection Of Our Lives

Here’s the thing about my relationship with web series, more so with homegrown web series, the moment I stumble upon one, I instantaneously feel the need to talk about it and share it with you.

The bygone weekend, I came across the trailer of Filter Copy- Dice Media‘s Little Things starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. (The popular couple from Filter Copy’s videos- Confusing things girlfriends say and Annoying things boyfriends do.

Telling the tale of an urban couple in a live-in relationship; you dive into the sweet everyday moments of the duo. By the end of the trailer, I knew I was smiling as a thought left me; this web series’ trailer is a reflection of our lives. Why? Read on…

1. First world problems: There are moments in the trailer when Dhruv (Played by Sehgal) complains of Odomos not working against mosquitoes, lack or absence of ‘Pokémons’ in their house, and most importantly what struck a chord with the foodie in me, Kavya (Played by Palkar) accusing Dhruv of eating the best part of a sandwich 😛 (She emphasises, “This is the most horrible thing you could do to anyone.”) Now isn’t that a Joey Tribbani moment we all have at some point? And the problems Dhruv complains of, are the ones we face every day. #Leggit.

Why This Web Series' Trailer Is A Reflection Of Our Lives
That really is terrible

2. Real thoughts: You don’t see the female protagonist yelling out the toilet seat rule manual or the male protagonist reflecting on life problems, at least not in the trailer. We all are done watching the same dramatic side of live-in relationships. In that space,the trailer is refreshing because it speaks of things that are real and right now. Sample this dialogue from the trailer for instance, “It’s good to remember the fun thing about exes and forget the bad shit, otherwise how else will you date again?” How many times has a friend told you that when he/she was trying to knock some sense into you? #Feels

Why This Web Series' Trailer Is A Reflection Of Our Lives
Don’t you agree?

3. Sweet Nothings: In close to about 2.5 minutes of the trailer, the plot seemingly comes down to these sweet nothings which are much like those real life moments that may not add value to your life as whole, but have a charm of its own in that moment. Sipping a cup of tea or coffee as you unwind of the armrest chair, counts in that endeavour.

Why This Web Series' Trailer Is A Reflection Of Our Lives
Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar

P.S: Little Things releases tomorrow and it sure looks like a reflection of our lives filled with times true and special to the moment. Until next time, #StayCurious.

Watch the trailer here:

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