Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Reminder In 2017

Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Sweet Reminder

Popular web actor, Naveen Kasturia alongside TV commercials’ favourite face, Gunjan Malhotra came together for a short film Half Ticket

A reminder of popular movies like Serendipity and You’ve Got Mail  Half Ticket reminds us to explore the unknown, going with the flow and smelling the roses.

If you’re still not convinced by what I have to say, read on as to why the short film, Half Ticket is a reminder in 2017 that destiny sometimes has the most enchanting role to play…

 1. Not a Tinder date: We’re a generation that either has been on a date over a right swipe, courtesy Tinder and various other dating apps or we’ve either stumbled upon someone via a mutual friend or a social event. In both of these cases, thanks to our social media stalking we’ve never let the mystery prevail, let alone going on a blind date!

We’re so used to dismissing destiny that we’ve almost forgotten it exists. The short films revolves around a blind date over a destined half ticket! It may sound corny for starters but it’s rather beautiful to meet a stranger, strike a chord with him/her, and share a beautiful evening because you were destined to. A date that comes with no prior judgements, how exciting is that?

Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Sweet Reminder
A still from the short film


2. Brand integration done right: If you’ve been keeping up with Curiosity Cult, you would know that spotting good and bad brand integration examples has become a hobby I seem to pursue. The film is under Kingfisher Ultra, watch it and you’ll realise how the premise beautifully flows against the derby (a Kingfisher tradition since last 25 years) and how the Ultra plays a key role in the plot. *Applauses*


Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Sweet Reminder
A date with derby as its premise

3. Realism: We’ve always loved shorts and series for they seem to keep in check the realism of the characters. Rhea (played by Gunjan Malhotra) runs a startup boutique that rents out dresses and keeps up (at least tries) to keep up with unreasonable clients and Ayaan( played by Naveen Kasturia) from what we could tell works with an agency, who is required to justify his absence from work on a Sunday! These characters are you and me or at least someone around us.


Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Sweet Reminder
Gunjan Malhotra as Rhea


Why The Short Film Half Ticket Is A Sweet Reminder
Naveen Kasturia as Ayaan


P.S:  Short films are not about too much information but the little nuances that say it all, Half Ticket does exactly that. Watch and share your views in the comments section below, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

Watch the full movie here:

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