Why Tea Box Is Your Summer Best Friend

Why Tea Box Is Your Summer Best Friend

Summer in India is best summed up in three words: MAD! Now that we’re midway in April, I can tell you, the madness is taking on me left, right and centre.

While you wish that the weather meant sitting by the beach, sipping mojitos, the reality is far from it because:

1. Beaches in India are only hotter than the streets are.

2. Mojitos all day come with just enough calories to provide short term instant energy and raised sugar levels.

Okay, now that I’m done sharing this completely additional piece of information, let me get to the point straight up.

Last evening, I tried the Earl Grey black tea from Tea Box and I found myself saying that this subscription box is your summer best friend.  Why, you ask?

Why Tea Box Is Your Summer Best Friend
Tea Box, Earl Grey

For starters, the packaging of the box is impressive and travel-friendly. If you’re someone like me who is constantly on the go, trust the packaging to ensure that your tea pack doesn’t get soggy or foul smelling. The tea comes tactfully sealed in a nitrogen flushed bag which gives it an upper hand over the paper tea bags which often lose their fragrance and richness.


Why Tea Box Is Your Summer Best Friend
The summer friendly cuppa


The packaging also helps to maintain the quality of the tea, doing its job of serving a refreshing cup of happiness.  And what makes this tea a win-win? Each cup of tea comes with 0Kcal. So if you’re practicing detox, grab your Tea Box already.

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