Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016

When one speaks of Bollywood, there are rare chances that Shah Rukh Khan’s name isn’t mentioned or better even his signature step where his hands spread out gesturing a hug isn’t imitated, at least once. A man of grandeur, with a noteworthy career and humongous wealth serving as inspirational case study for aspiring actors and entrepreneurs; he’s the face of mid 90s, 00s, 2010s and perhaps for decades to follow.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016
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Given how his recent film, Fan featuring SRK v/s SRK was promoted in his unique fashion; for instance releasing the trailer on 29th  February  or having the title crafted out of his fans’ pictures; I was pretty gaga about  watching it and I did make sure to catch it on the same weekend.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016
A still from the Fan anthem, Jabra

The whole Haye re Jabra Fan ho gaya vibe was on fleek to make any SRK fan flush Gerua. His honesty in presenting his character Aryan Khanna’s character built on fans and wise choice of words,  or his show of splendid acting through Gaurav Chandna’s character (I have to confess Gaurav’s character stayed with me)  was downright impressive BUT I can’t stop thinking how it is a misfit for 2016. Don’t agree with me? Read these reasons…

  1. The Twitter effect: We live in the web age where Twitter is a platform for fans to directly interact with their favourite celebs, without any guards. Especially given that Aryan Khanna’s part was played by SRK himself, who is known to be responsive to his fans; wasn’t aware of his obsessive fan’s existence seemed a little out of place.
  1. Reality check: In a scene where Gaurav could simply enter an upcoming celeb’s vanity van and there was absolutely NO security, forget alone the infamous celebrity ‘team’ being around, appeared to be far from reality.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016

  1. One man show: Remember how towards the end, Aryan (SRK) decides to teach Gaurav a lesson by visiting Delhi sans the security and taking the matter entirely his hand? Yes, not only does he manage to solely take a trip to the capital city; the superstar is even spotted chasing Gaurav on the streets without creating much of a hullabaloo in a time when the population of Delhi is approximately more than 25 million!
  1. Here’s my number, so find out maybe: As Gaurav’s character takes an obsessive turn, we see him making these dorky calls, almost like creating a chill down team Aryan’s spine, they can’t ‘detect’ the private number. Given that the megastar has all the resources in this tech-savvy, hack-forward generation, he couldn’t track down the number?

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016


P.S: This post is not intended at infuriating SRK fans or anyone who enjoyed watching Fan, the platform exists so there is an exchange of words and thoughts; these flaws exist in a magnificent movie like Fan probably because,” Bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain.”  #SorryNotSorry


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