Why Running Shaadi Brings Back The Breeziness You Hope For

Why Running Shaadi Brings Back The Breeziness You Hope For

Veteran director, Darren Aronofsky once said that watching a movie is like going to an amusement park, at the end of it you want people to think it was a good ride.  Director Amit Roy seemed to have laid this idea as the foundation while crafting his recent film, Running Shaadi starring Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu and Arsh Bajwa in the lead roles.

Witnessing a theatre full of humans in splits last evening, I exited the screen embedded with the thought that this romantic comedy brings back the easy-breezy approach of a film you sometimes really need.

Read on as to why Running Shaadi brings back the breeziness you hope for…

1. Contemporary Connect: Despite its Northern outskirts’ setting, the concept of a refreshingly odd duo in Patna’s Ram Bharose(played by Amit Sadh) and a Sikh whiz-kid, Cyberjeet (played by Arsh Bajwa) starting an elope service by the name runningshaadi.com holds a contemporary value for its unique idea and digital preposition. In one particular scene, they say it out loud, “Matrimonal industry mein toh ab yeh hi variation ho sakti hai.” ( By now, the matrimonal industry could have one used only this variation.  We don’t disagree now, do we?)

Why Running Shaadi Brings Back The Breeziness You Hope For
Quite an idea!


2. C-C-C-Characters: Bharose, a street smart Patna migrant with the innocence of a small town lad makes you laugh and cry with him, he instantly earns your empathy. Cyberjeet, a Sikh whiz-kid smitten and inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wears a turban through the movie with the Facebook like imprinted on it. You can’t help but laugh and enjoy the ease with which his character shoulders comic timing. Nimmi, a Punjabi girl who has no qualms about anything, whatsoever, is a badass you adore through the film.

Why Running Shaadi Brings Back The Breeziness You Hope For
L-R: Nimmi. Bharose, Cyberjeet


3. Killing the cliché: Given that the premise of the film is Amritsar, a lot could take the cliché route to becoming yet another why we have problems with Bollywood example, but writer Navjot Gulati along with writer-director Amit Roy save the film from driving to other side and the audience from a lot of cliché couture.

Why Running Shaadi Brings Back The Breeziness You Hope For
A still from the trailer


4. Intended laughs:  For quite some time now films have evoked unintended laughter for reasons we could discuss till creeps on social media keep send us friend requests; Running Shaadi on the other hand uses funny like it’s supposed to be, generating intended laughs. The dialogues, songs and nuances make you laugh like movies once did. For instance, sample this song, Pyaar Ka Test.

P.S:  It’s been a while since a film offered content worth attention instead of controversies or theories. Watch Running Shaadi this weekend for it brings back the breeziness you hope for when you walk in a theatre. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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