Why Oddy Uniwraps Game Up Food Packaging

Why Oddy Uniwraps Games Up Food Packaging

As someone who travels across the city all day long and really wanting to keep my health in check and of course the calories 😛 I’m a huge fan of packed meals. Think about it, they’re easy to carry and make sure your nutrient value isn’t compromised. But here’s the fuss about packaged food, they’re wrapped in silver foil only to become greasy, soggy and on a lot of occasions, unappetising.

If you’re on my side of consumer experience of not fully enjoying your packaged meal or the other side when you’ve freshly packed someone a hearty meal only to realise it wasn’t fully savoured, you would understand this first world problem doing more damage than good.

But this story finally seemed to have a happy ending when I discovered Oddy India’s Uniwraps. What are Uniwraps? They’re 100% organic food wrapping papers that keep free of aluminum or plastic.

I decided to give this new food wrapping paper a shot to see how it works out for me, turns out it was one the wisest kitchen decisions to make. Unlike the silver foil, the Oddy Uniwraps paper did NOT stick to the food to become soggy or smell foul and for what’s most important to me, did not leave greasy marks, it rather felt like the paper was soaking up the oil only to make the food healthier.


Why Oddy Uniwraps Games Up Food Packaging


Besides, I can’t deny that the other than the applause worthy quality, the paper comes with cute food prints on it. If you’ve eaten or packed out meals, you know the packaging can play real well with your psychology towards food and in that endeavour Oddy Uniwraps games up food packaging.

P.S:  You know what would be a good investment to make your mom feel good about the food she packed for you 😛  Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂    

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