When an eatery has anda in its name, you know there’s some serious egg therapy involved and naturally a major delight for every eggetarian, but as they say there’s always more than what meets the eye, and AndaMental, a quick service restaurant in Andheri’s Veera Desai is no different from this ideology.

Later on Monday, I visited AndaMental to eventually wash away my blues as a sea of scrumptious  (vegetarian) food melted in my mouth and it had me thinking why Mumbai’s Andamental is also a vegetarian’s delight.

Read on…

1. The F word Food: As I already mentioned, the food was scrumptious because despite having an eggy edge, the menu doesn’t disappoint, the vegetarian menu was fairly vast and a major win-win for me, I had the following dishes and I’m gonna elaborate (Because food discussions aren’t meant to be brief.)

-Paneer Bhurji Roll: A 4 pieces large serving of rolls consisting the classic Paneer Bhurji topped with generous cheese and butter is the right answer to your hunger pangs.

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

Fancy a bite?

– Mental Taka Tak Curry: A Paneer makhani style gravy filled with peas, coriander and held together with cheese and fresh cream.

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

They serve it with pav

-Mental Maggie Masala: I’m gonna be honest, this dish has my bias because it’s Maggie for starters. But mind you, this is not your regular Maggie but this one is cooked in Indian spices and garnished with melted cheese. No wonder it’s their best-selling midnight dish (Did I tell you they’re open till 3.30am?)

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

Don’t miss the cheese

-Veggie mental biryani: You know this place is not just a quick pick but a perfect meal go-to spot as well when they serve biryani the way they do. I’m gonna leave the picture do the talking.Pro tip: If you have the biryani, savour the raita because believe me, #MajorWowness

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

The biryani comes with a layer of surprise element undernath

– Veggie Republic Day meal: Call it the edible flag or call me lame for putting it this way, but the tri-colour meal combination consisting the masala Maggie, rice and Palak Paneer creates a party in your mouth with the multiple flavours, and the portion could easily make up for an entire day’s meal for one.

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

How pretty does this look?

2. The second priorityPricing: While food is always our first priority when trying a new eatery or restaurant, pricing is the second big question. The pocket-friendly menu against the generous quantity wins AndaMental an edge over others in the vicinity.

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

Look at that!

3. Midnight munching: They serve from 10 am- 3.30 am. You read that right! Given that it’s located in an area dominated by corporate parks and startup spaces, the midnight service is a cherry on the top. We all have our share of long days and overnights at work, some hot food delivery or a quick bite at a restaurant is our solution to those long days and of course, who doesn’t carve some yumzaa food on those late weekend night outs?

Why Mumbai's Andamental Is Also A Vegetarian's Delight

They’re open to welcoming you all day

P.S:  If you’re a vegetarian I hope you know now that AndaMental is a vegetarian’s delight too, apart from all these reasons I took you through, the courteous staff is a huge reason to why a visit here becomes a delight, and if you’re an eggetarian, you’re probably already there 😀 Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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