Speak of the internet kingdom and you instantaneously know Google‘s resting on the throne. The tech giant had announced its new messaging app Allo in May which is now available for Android and Apple users to download.

Reflecting on it, I think Google’s new App Allo is only a picture perfect. Why?
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1. Free SMS service: The app allows you to send SMSes at free of cost, the feature sounds great but a lot of other third party apps already allow that. Besides, if a user is tech-savvy enough to download, access and sync google account to Allo; would he be needing the SMS service at all?

What the SMS notification looks like

What the SMS notification looks like

2. Google Assistant: This feature records responses from a chat and saves it for better experiences and future replies as a prediction feature. Well, more than convenience; I sense an eye on my conversations, all the time. Although the users can control this by opting for the incognito mode or deleting chats, the default feature does record your responses and chats.


Why Google's New App Allo Is Only A Picture Perfect

Auto generated replies


Why Google's New App Allo Is Only A Picture Perfect

Incognito mode

3. News Alert: Another feature, the app has flaunted is the news alert which can be scheduled for a particular time of the day, as the user may like . One can even follow specific individuals to receive news updates about them. While the feature is great; there isn’t much novelty to it other than the scheduling bit and follow option.

Why Google's New App Allo Is Only A Picture Perfect

The news feature

4. The others: The other features include movie/restaurant listings (a feature offered on Google command already) stickers,scribbling on photos and tweaking font sizes. Yet again these features have been explored by Snapchat and Instagram diversely.

Why Google's New App Allo Is Only A Picture Perfect

Stickers on Allo

P.S: Google’s Allo seems like that package which offers a lot, but doesn’t essentially add value or generate utility. Until next time, #StayCurious

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  1. I’m not sure what to think of this app. I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories but Google recording my sms responses makes me a little uncomfortable. Plus I don’t think it offers anything that other apps already do.

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