Why Arré’s Chukyagiri Webseries’ Trailer Is Reality On Point

Why Arré's Chukyagiri Webseries' Trailer Is Reality On Point

In the recent past, I couldn’t have emphasised the Indian web series > Indian TV series equation more. After a brilliant finale of Y Films Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa, another Indian web series is soon to join the club.

Arré has now released a trailer of its upcoming web series Chukyagiri,  yes we got the spelling right 😛
Featuring the chronicles of Spandan Chukya, a Meerut resident who decides to step in the dreamland city, Mumbai to shape a better future faces the brunt of being an intern (If you’ve been one at any given point, you would know what it feels like :P)

Why Chukyagiri Webseries' Trailer Is Reality On Point
Sunny Kaushal as Spandan Chukya

However, Spandan seemingly decides an intriguing makeshift which may likely unfold the rest of the series.
After watching the trailer, we sure gotta say that it’s reality game is on point. Here’s why…

1. The intern theory: When Spandan uses the “I ” word intern to introduce himself, he’s subjected to serving coffee, driving the car and asked to “Flush” in the washroom. In reality, being an intern is most often about doing the odd jobs in a plush office, definitely not flushing in the washroom although tbh, it cracked me up.

Why Chukyagiri Webseries' Trailer Is Reality On Point
The wrath of the internship

2. The unsaid rule: When Spandan complaints of already wasting a month of his three-month internship without a takeaway so far, the office help(played by Gopal Datt) makes a rather wise statement, “Busy rehna ek Maya hai, do nothing look busy.” (Being busy is an illusion, do nothing look busy.) Well now isn’t that the wisdom most people are secretly aware of? 😛 The key is to look busy even if you’re watching Game of Thrones at work, look busy. Who wants to seek additional work?

Why Chukyagiri Webseries' Trailer Is Reality On Point
True that

3. Cliché yet real notion: The plot seems all fun and games until it takes a reverse turn of events, and things look rather serious. There’s a moment of denouement and realisation, wherein Spandan in the backdrop says, “Yahaan jagah milti nahi, banani padti hai.” (Here, you don’t get a place, you have to make one.) Well as cliché as it sounds, doesn’t it makes sense? It’s the lesson most of us have learnt, usually the hard way.

Why Chukyagiri Webseries' Trailer Is Reality On Point
The moment of realisation

P.S: Here’s why Chukyagiri webseries’ trailer is reality on point, the trailer hints that it may be like watching a canvas of emotions in a web series, something that is usually seen in a film.

Watch the trailer here:   

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