Acclaimed comedian and former radio jockey for BBC, Jason Byrne made his debut tour to India this month.

When Comedian Jason Byrne Debuted In India

Jason Byrne

I found myself at his Mumbai show, Jason Byrne is propped up. Given that he’s an Irish comedian performing in India, there often are barriers for a comedian performing in a foreign land with respect to culture, relatability, and interpretation. But the man certainly proved that a good sense of humour can outwit any barriers whatsoever.

When Comedian Jason Byrne Debuted In India

Jason Byrne is propped up

Having developed an Irish-Indian connection by picking on similar habits, Byrne held a powerhouse show for about 90 mins.
By the end of show, he had managed to create a sense of community like bonding in the audience, so much so that people were happy to volunteer for laughs ( Unlike a usual scenario, when most people are often hesitant to come up on stage)

We had the opportunity of a quick tête-à-tête with him, here’s a video of our day out at his show in Mumbai held at the NCPA, Tata Theatre hosted by AGP world

Watch the video here:

P.S: We hope you didn’t miss what he said, “You don’t get sick in India.” 😀

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