What Makes Luxury Staycations A Reality? We Chat With Hospitality Stalwart Indrajeet Banerjee To Find Out

What Makes Luxury Staycations A Reality? We Chat With Hospitality Stalwart Indrajeet Banerjee To Find Out

You’ve sure been familiar with the catchphrase that luxury never goes out of fashion, and we’re sure you’re going to agree because a soft corner for a luxurious living is what brings us the millennials and generation X on the same page called a vacation!

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular (We won’t deny we’ve been patrons of the same) because that’s when you leave your woes behind and set your toes to an exquisite experience. But ever wondered what makes luxury staycations a reality? We chat with hospitality stalwart and Iconic Hotelier awardee, Indrajeet Banerjee (IB, as he’s fondly known) to find out…

What keeps a team going in a dynamic industry such as hospitality?

In an industry which is ever growing and demanding at an individual level, a good leadership goes a long way. IB’s a strong believer of the popular saying, “There are no bad employees, there are only bad managers”.

He shares that leadership is not a scream of authority; it’s a whisper of faith. Leadership is about being a friend who whispers, “I am with you”, it’s an assurance that – “You have my back and I won’t let you fall”, it’s a belief in times of failures that “I shall carry you till you shine again”. Leadership is about removing tons of dirt to bring out that one ounce of gold in every professional. It’s about helping people discover the hero in them.

A hotel’s pre-requisites in 2017….

Unlike earlier times, a luxury property’s 5-star status is not convincing enough for a guest to check-in, establishing and maintaining the brand image is an intricate process wherein even a miniscule bad review on the web can do a lot of damage.  Before the internet took over, experiences were shared over a feedback form by guests, we would call it “The moment of truth.” In order to not allow this gap get the best out of us, most hotels today have a dedicated team catering to the digital audience.

That being said, the loyalists who have traveled the globe and have embraced luxury hospitality continue to maintain their alliance with the renowned properties.

Elaborating on his blog about how the digital world has affected the luxury hotel industry….

Power is moving from people to automation, and the pace at which it is moving is unmanageable. Today business is perhaps no longer about people, it’s about learning and managing customer buying behaviour on the digital channels. You do not see the customer anymore hence stroking his loyalty is far more difficult. Today’s new age customers are far more informed, well traveled, understand service and won’t hold back from expressing their experiences online. Experiential selling and constant innovation to raise the bar of service delivery perhaps stand as the master stroke towards achieving brand excellence.

Curious question, when a man has been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, what cuisine could possibly impress him?

Though I spend most of my time in the midst of world cuisine, best of chefs and signature recipes, I crave to be back home for the Bengali mustard fish cooked by my mother – for me, she is the world’s best chef. (A humble man wearing a luxury hotelier’s tie we would say :))

A message you would like to share…

There will always be failures because life never promised us that it will be easy, but at the end, it will certainly be worth it, because world’s greatest success stories are also stories of some great failures.

P.S:  Isn’t it impressive how the hospitality industry toils over years to make your 2-3 days staycation experience, a pleasant one?  It’s for leaders like Indrajeet Banerjee who ensure that luxury hospitality continues to rise above expectations and evolve with time. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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