Vidya Vox, The Contemporary Nightingale

Vidya Vox, The Contemporary Nightingale

Nothing connects to the soul like a beautifully sung song,  Vidya Iyer better known as Vidya Vox exactly knows it better than anyone. With a YouTube channel by the name, Vidya Vox, she has won hearts with her soulful voice and mashups.

Here’s what makes her story different from others, born in India and brought up in Virginia, Vidya’s music is the resultant of what you could call the best of both worlds, and we sure can’t thank her enough for bringing it to us.

In modern day terms, it is safe to call her the contemporary nightingale. If you’re someone like me who is always the last person in the room to learn something about music, you would be thrilled to have stumbled upon this post (although chances are thin you don’t already know her) So anyhow then read on/listen up to this singing sensation to know to what makes this woman of the web, Vidya Vox, the contemporary nightingale.

1. Her mashups have given contemporary music a new meaning.



2. Her originals are even better.


3. Alongside a soulful voice, she has the moves to kill.
4. Other than English and Hindi, she sings in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bhojpuri and French. #Speechless
5. She’s performing at YouTube Fan Fest, India 2017 #Yasss


P.S: Now that you’ve somehow made it to the end of the post after listening to her songs on loop, I’m sure you’re updating your playlist already. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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