Video: Top 10 Things To Eat In Amritsar

Video: Top 10 Things To Eat In Amritsar

We recently visited the Golden Temple City, Amritsar which among the many, is popular for two major reasons: Its service to mankind and its FOOD! A trip to this city never disappoints you, because for every mile you walk, every step you take, food finds its way to go 😀

Here’s something that we personally LOVED in this culinary excursion, it led us to establish a mind shift! How you ask? Stories and experiences shared often suggested that the cuisine is great for all that is North Indian given that Amritsar is in Punjab. While that stands true in all existence of this universe, there’s something which we personally learnt, Amritsar does just as great a job in catering to comfort food, multi-cuisine delicacies. What all did we try? We were obviously excited enough for you to learn that we put together a list of Top 10 Things To Eat In Amritsar.

It’s even better because…

We put it together on a video!

Watch: Top 10 Things To Eat In Amritsar

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