Video: This Device Turns Your Phone Into A Photo Printer

Video: This Device Turns Your Phone Into A Photo Printer

As much as we all are advocates of the digital gallery, we do have a soft corner for a Polaroid. A picture in print holds a special charm, doesn’t it?

But investing in a Polaroid camera may not always be the best idea, we’re already so occupied with a smartphone which pretty much holds our world together. Turns out the makers at Prynt realised it a few years ago and that’s when they came up with a photo printing device attachable to the phone!

More so, humans on the internet realised it now and they’re going bonkers about it. In case you missed what this is about, I decided to be a good Samaritan and share a video of the same with you.

Watch the video here

P.S: How badly do you want it? Because honestly, I’m dying to get it right NOW! While you and I day dream about this, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. I am seeing on internet over last couple of weeks and I was curious to know more about that device. Your post has given me the information I need. Good one.


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