This Web Series’ Teaser Packs In A Lot Of Anticipation

This Web Series’ Teaser Packs In A Lot Of Anticipation

If you’ve been keeping up with Curiosity Cult, you obviously know that fangirling over the internet wonders  is something  I strongly advocate.

While some Indian web series have aced realism and originality, a couple of them in the recent past lost the plot in this endeavour. But looks like Nakuul Mehta’s Timbuktu Films is all set to make us embrace the India web series all over again.

They’ve released the teaser of their upcoming web series Gangster Newton, which blends some badass Math-Science and Gangster live together.  The backdrop and shots keep the reality in check and your interest piqued.

Just when you’re expecting the cliffhanger moment to take the usual heroic turn, it takes you by surprise and how! Not to forget, Shashank Arora as Newton offers a remarkable finesse, it’s difficult to not notice.

There’s more to the teaser I could go on about, but it would be unfair to hold you back from watching it. So watch it here already:


P.S:  The first of its kind concept that comes with Gangster Newton packs in a lot of anticipation and hope. Dear makers, release the show already. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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