This Web Series Says Let’s Talk About Sex

This Web Series Says Let's Talk About Sex

Off lately, I’ve been fangirling over the internet; and why shouldn’t I? Because the internet isn’t the ‘future’ but it’s now! Another share of internet wonders is live now with Y Films’ new web series Sex chat with Pappu & Papa.
Exploring the awkward parent-child situation when a child has ‘certain’ questions; child artist Kabir Sajid as Pappu, Punit Watsa and Anand Tiwari as Papa, Anand Watsa have set the game ball rolling.

Pappu chronicles

Set against a typical Indian family, a relatively young father, divided between being a father and friend to his son, finds himself at the receiving end of awkward questions relating to sex. Empathising with his son’s curiosity, as he was once a son too; Papa Anand Watsa decides to answer them in his ‘own’ way.

This Web Series Says Let's Talk About Sex
Speaking of awkward questions and outdoor setting

But what happens when amidst answering questions, papa hears voices from his own father or ‘Mogambo’ advising against it? And of course, pappu’s questions aren’t confined to indoor settings, there always are people around; doubling papa’s anxiety to eventually erupting in a laughter riot!

P.S: This web series says let’s talk about sex using wit and will, but amidst humour; it mirrors reality.

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Watch the first episode here:

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