We live in a world where we owe the internet a lot more than we can recount. The growth of the travel culture in India is one of the things we definitely owe the internet. The culture of relatively frequent travels has dawned upon Metro cities in India, and is slowly catching up with rest of the country too. Our travels are no longer restricted to an annual vacation where we make the tough choice between the beaches or mountains, rather they have now shifted to both with a twist of quirk on the side!

We’ve now embraced the culture of getaways wherein our spur of the moment – short vacation plans with friends, colleagues and family is becoming our choice of travel. The intriguing factor here is we’re no longer opting merely for resorts with predictable amenities and routines, we like to surprise ourselves by opting for vacation homes.

As a group of people who love vacation homes, my friends and I recently booked a villa in Lonavala as a part of our spontaneous plan and found a well-kept villa that not only looked exactly as promised in the pictures, but offered a seamless experience with details like extra beddings, towels, toiletries taken care of. There’s often a discrepancy into what is promised v/s delivered when booking villas, but this time the case was pleasantly surprising. What was different? We found this cool villa rental expert online – Limestays

What’s Limestays?

An online villa rental expert that helps create authentic vacation experiences through their beautiful villas located in picturesque destinations in India. The company is run by a young group of people which makes the experience even more hassle-free for users like you and me. The bookings can be made online, and customer support is extended through the number listed on their website. My experience can vouch that the reference images are completely genuine, and they deliver what they display. They have some amazing vacation villas in Alibaug, Lonavala, Panchgani, Goa, Divegar, Mumbai and more.

Our Limestays Experience

We were headed for an all-girls’ trip so we needed something not too away from Mumbai, safe for us to have a good time, and sleep soundly. Of course, some add-ons like a pool for a little downtime, spacious rooms, and close to the market were on the list too. We were surprised to have all our parameters checked through Shalimar Royal Villa listed under Limestays. The 4-BHK villa is a 5-minute drive from the Lonavala market and is extremely well-kept. There is one room on the ground floor with straight pool access and 3 bedrooms on the first floor. We were extremely impressed with the interiors and cleanliness of the property. The latter is often a concern with vacation homes. But this property definitely threw that doubt out of the park.

The villa had a full-time caretaker who had guarded this gated property, and helped us prepare any meals. (Read- Maggi and Pasta.)Our experience was extremely safe, and hassle-free. Some pictures to take you through our weekend.

Colonial Villa – Vintage Architecture Meets Unbeatable Views

We missed on this property as it was already booked, but it left an impression for me to bring this up as a suggestion. If you’re fascinated by the colonial architecture, then this teak-wood furnished 3-bedroom villa is your vacation home of dreams. It is an #Instagrammable place on the inside and the outside. When you’re through drooling the interiors, the uninterrupted lush green views will await your company. It ideal to unwind, away from the city life, yet not too away to get to, as it is located around 2.5 hours away from Mumbai in Lonavala. 


P.S: The next time you’re planning a vacation with your squad and family, ditch resorts and opt for vacation villas with Limestays. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

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