This New Travel Concept Allows You To Work And Travel At The Same Time

This New Travel Concept Allows You To Work And Travel At The Same Time

One of the difficult parts of devising a travel plan is the thought of all the work which will get pushed back for a couple of days, the abundant pending tasks and emails which will be waiting for you when you are back. Work commitments do restrict us from getting that 10-15 day-long trip to destinations which has been sitting on our wish list for months and years now.

To our rescue, we recently discovered and went for a trip with TraWork, a Pune based start-up which organises trips to multiple locations in the world for a period of 10 days, slots are open to usually an average 10-15 like-minded people per trip, I say like-minded because just like you and us, the whole idea behind TraWork is organising trips for individuals who are unable to leave their work behind. TraWork believes in blending travel and work, which means the trips are so planned that you are able to work for 4-5 hours a day in the coworking space booked by them, followed by an itinerary exploring places to visit, must eat and see around the city.

We were in Hua Hin, Thailand, a beach City which is a 3-hour drive from Bangkok. It’s a slow-paced city and is ideal for people looking for a leisure trip.  On top of the list are the cafes in Hua Hin, they have theme across the board, vibrant colours, great food, pretty decor and an ambience to make your stay worthwhile. We made it a point to explore multiple such restaurants and not revisit the same places, helping us tap into all the contemporary vibe the beach town had to offer.

This New Travel Concept Allows You To Work And Travel At The Same Time
Hola from Hua Hin, Thailand

Helping us experience the Hua Hin local life was the Cicada Market, a flea market in the heart of Hua Hin, offering a bunch of different things to buy from clothing, art, jewellery, souvenirs and so on. The live performances in the amphitheatre are a sight not to be missed, and if you’re looking to indulge in some food therapy, then the Mango sticky rice and smoothies are an absolute must-try!

Yet another evening sight that had our heart was PlearnWan, a thematic Retro shopping destination had vibes up as the sun sets and the lights amp up the place. Live music, little eateries, stores are a part of this recreated village.

An Artist Village, housing a gallery and city of its own, also has an art café built with details that are a sight to the sore eyes. If you are someone who understands and appreciates art, you’re going to love this place and if you are not, you will still have a Fab time, the cafe overlooks a lake and has a splendid view. You can spend hours sipping on a nice cup of coffee, the cafe itself is very Instagramable.

We visited the popular Mrigadayavan Palace. The architecture wasn’t anything like we had imagined, the colours were light and subtle, it was massive, set in a manicured garden, facing a sea. It’s a series of 18 interlinked elegant teak buildings with tall shuttered windows and has the most stunning view.

Hua Hin also has a Venetian, despite the poor reviews, we decided to drop by and check if it’s worth a visit, I’d recommend skipping it completely. They had very few visitors and is expensive for the activities provided.

We also got a chance to spend a day in Bangkok and work at HUBBA Silom, coworking space provided by TraWork, not only was the view to die for but our productivity was at its peak. Apart from concluding the trip by writing off our to-dos, we also got a chance to witness how professionals under the same roof operated. If you’re looking to network with some global professionals, this is an ideal setup.  Before calling it a day, we had to get a foot massage, after all, we were in Bangkok!

If you too wish to experience TraWorking, then their upcoming trip to Europe in November could be a great opportunity. Head to their Instagram page for all the details.

A few things to note if you are planning a trip to Thailand:

-Thailand visa on arrival for Indians is free till 30th April 2020. The cost otherwise would be around 2000 bahts.

-For Visa on arrival process, please carry the following –

1. Passport size photo 4*6 cm

2. Print out of your Return Flight tickets

3. Accommodation details, try and ensure to provide day wise accommodation confirmation since they can sometimes get a bit strict with this.

4. It is also a policy to show Proof of funds i.e 10000 bahts for an individual and 20000 bahts for a family. Carry your currency in Bahts or dollars.I personally didn’t see them checking for this but it’s always better to comply with all the policies just in case.

5. Most importantly a pen and a glue stick. We came across a lot of people who had to run looking for both the things to fill out the arrival form.

All the required documents along with the application form will have to be submitted at the view on arrival counter, after a thorough check, they will approve and stamp the passport. This entire process along with immigration took about an hour.

– Vegetarian food is not the easiest to find, I’d recommend carrying easy-to-cook packets and dry snacks handy just in case.

P.S: Here’s how this new travel concept allows you to work and travel at the same time, and we think if you’re someone with a simultaneous quest for travel and work, TraWorking is the way to go. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

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  1. Wow this is exactly what I need as an avid traveller! I am so glad to have come across your post! Thank you.


  2. This is so cool… We can work while traveling and it’s all planned? That’s really amazing! Will share this with my friends!


  3. And how amazing this idea is. There are workaholics who can’t leave their work behind even while they are away. I think Trawork is definitely one great idea to explore.


  4. OMG this is a such a concept is such a great deal for patrons. And totally loved reading through. Such beautiful pics and loved very pic of it. Stunners and
    Am referring Trawork to all my friends.


  5. Tavel and work concept is really amazing for those who can’t afford to take long vacations due to work commitments. TraWork sounds like a good company. Will definitely check it out.
    Hua Him looks so beautiful. Another place that needs to be explored now!


  6. TraWorking. Something unique & much required.
    A relief for people to travel & work easily.


  7. Beautiful write up and that start up is working really well, will give it a try. and your photography is awesome.


  8. Thailand has so.much to offer and your post provides a wonderful insight for the help of tourists


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