This Holi Ad By Ghadi Detergent Is Gold

This Holi Ad By Ghadi Detergent Is Gold

If you’re a 90’s Indian kid (well not a kid anymore) like me, you would remember the brand Ghadi detergent. Should I rather say you would remember the Ghadi detergent tag line by heart that continues to rule the TV space even today; Pahle istemal karein fir vishwaas karein’ (Use it and then believe it). Although a lot of jokes surrounded this tagline, there’s no denying that this consumer friendly headline not only is a cult but a definite example of successful branding.

Personally, despite being an avid TV viewer for the longest time, I can’t recall a single Ghadi detergent ad except for the tagline which obviously continues to echo in our heads. But looks like that’s about to change with Ghadi detergent’s newest digital ad that takes a stand against eve-teasing on Holi.

While there’s dirt and mess that comes along with playing Holi, it is the dirt and mess in the minds of perverts that needs to be eradicated. In Ghadi detergent’s words, Is Holi #SaareMaelDhoDaalo

Watch the ad here:

P.S: It’s refreshing to see a brand as old as Ghadi in the marketplace to take up a social message this Holi. I hope this Holi we can wash away for that’s the real mess. Until next time, #StayCurious:)

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