This App Allows You To Create And Share Indie Music

This App Allows You To Create And Share Indie Music

In a time when there is a content overload and ambitions on the internet are on a new sky high, how does one filter content, most importantly music?  Are music aspirants and beautiful voices going to be lost in the void called web?

Looks this the gap to our curious questions is bridged by Hungama Digital Media, one of India’s leading names in marketing, music and muse. They’re now honouring the latter for every independent artist out there with their newest app, Artist Aloud.

What’s Artist Aloud?

An indie music discovery app that lets independent artists upload original content, share their upcoming events, get bookings for gigs, and most importantly connect with the audience and producers!

What’s in it for you as a user? You get a first-hand experience of unreleased music, discover new artists every day (Even make a gig booking with them if you wish) and most importantly, create live audio rooms (A group curated by you) wherein you have complete control over the music being played and mixed. Being a virtual DJ sounds cool, right?

P.S: Artist Aloud seems like a win-win platform for everyone out there. I’m heading there to get my dose of fun music, If you wish to join in, check this out Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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