The Millennials’ One Wedding Wish

The Millennials’ One Wedding Wish

A month ago, I remember exclaiming joyously because a friend of mine was getting married the next month which is today. She’s literally getting ready for her pheras i.e the wedding ceremony as I share this story with you.

Being the self-sufficient couple they are, she and her fiancé did all the running around, right from getting the wedding cards printed to finalising the decor of the venue. Tired-Excited-In A Pool Of Mixed Emotions that she was, she told me how weddings can never be a small or a private affair.

“We started with a guest list of the immediate family which alone summed up to 150 people, and of course the additions began and now here we are, with a guest list of 700 people and endless preparations, ”she said.

The Millennials’ One Wedding Wish
Every Indian wedding, ever

To change the grimace on her face and make her forget that preparing for her big day was no cake walk, I switched the topic to their first travel together as a married couple, “Where are you off to for your honeymoon? I’m sure you’re gonna flood everyone’s timelines with your travel pictures. Please keep the mushiness of pictures in check,” I joked.

Her response made me realise that I had picked the wrong nerve and if anything, this subject was not the ideal way to uplift her mood. Why you ask? Turns out the wedding preparations had cost much more than they had estimated a year ago, courtesy of inflation and change in trends.

They had to cut down on some expenses she told me, so the honeymoon had to be it because unlike the big day, a vacation could wait!

While practically the decision made sense, the millennial in me couldn’t agree to it much because this was not any other vacation, but a travel experience, a married couple shares together the very first time.

It would be their debut in the world of travel experiences with each other by their side. This debut trip as a married couple would help them learn about each other’s habits, preferences and way of life even closely and romantically.


The Millennials’ One Wedding Wish
Traveling together is a couple’s debut to sharing experiences

Most importantly, after all the hullabaloo surrounding the wedding preparations, they would finally get an opportunity to mark the celebration of their togetherness away from the chaos of routine, in a scenic location.

This made me realise that while everyone’s scenario of the perfect wedding varies, I know what I would want perfect: The first travel together with the special someone, the honeymoon!

Growing up, a notion has strongly made me realise that when you spend a day with someone, you know their mind, when you travel with someone, you know their soul.  What better a way to discover your soulmate than taking your first trip together after the wedding?

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The Millennials’ One Wedding Wish
You can now fulfill that One Weding Wish that defines perfect

P.S: Tell me in the comments section below, what is your one wedding wish that completes your idea of perfect? As I wait to hear from you, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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