The Middle Class Indian Is Not Funny Anymore

The Middle Class Indian Is Not Funny Anymore

Indianisms are like permanent tattoos; once inked, they become a body feature. The middle class attitude in that pursuit definitely holds bandwagon for a tattoo design!

You could be driving a Lamborghini, but the Indian in you will always believe that you’re a middle-class citizen. That’s how we are right? The middle-class antics have been inherited through the generations. At heart, we all really are Monisha Sarabhai from Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai or worse even.

The Middle Class Indian Is Not Funny Anymore

India is definitely a proud founder of the concept of one-by- two for a bowl of soup or a glass of juice, cab share rides have seen a fair success rate in the country and perhaps will continue to because we  sure maybe upgrading but our middle class attitude is not going anywhere.

Content creators have sure caught this nerve and that probably is the only explanation (Barring the views and shares, of course :P) for the sketches, listicles and stand-up comedy acts centred on the Middle Class behaviour of India!

But here’s the problem, the middle class Indian is not funny anymore! As consumers of content, we’re done with every sketch/listicle/comedy set talking about the same mannerisms differently.

I’ve watched enough videos for starters to list down the exact same details that have been tapped upon through most videos addressing middle class traits.

1. The overused toothpaste tube

2. Restaurant leftovers for breakfast

3. Plastic safeguarded TV remotes

4. Indian moms’ obsession with Tupperware

5. Pre-decided restaurant orders

6. Bargaining

7. Life cycle of a T-shirt (Last stage-Playing Holi wearing it)

8. Endless plastic bags collection

9. Obsession over guest cutlery

10. Using shampoo till the very last drop

The quest for relatable content is definitely high and as someone who is on this side, I know the struggle is real but we can definitely do better than rehashing content about the Indian middle class. No doubt the situations are real and a cheeky reflection of the Indian reality but they’re certainly not funny when published for 3457th time!

P.S: Dear content creators, the middle class Indian is not funny anymore. Sincerely, a voracious content consumer. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 


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  1. This is what i wanted to say since a long time.
    I am from middle class and i am fed up of the way middle class Indians are portrayed.
    Great post


  2. Haha lovely post , I could relate to it , seriously bargaining and collecting plastic bags is every mom’s hobby I think


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