The Internet Is A Microphone

The Internet Is A Microphone

As a blogger and a generally bored human on an odd day, I can’t thank the universe enough for the internet. Courtesy the internet, my rantings took the stage through blogging and reached you. In boredom, all I need is an internet connection to save me from a snoozefest.

Before you even mentally start hauling, “Go offline, and ‘live’ a real life,” trust me it’s not that kind of a day; neither is it an internet appreciation day; but a series of happenings and my wandering mind, in general, have got me saying that the internet is a microphone! How?Why? Read on…

Earlier last week, veteran actor Rajat Kapoor‘s daughter Rabia Kapoor narrated an apt poem dedicated to introverts, a banter about how these are people with great ideas and funny anecdotes but never get heard. I personally loved the poem but what I loved more is the irony of an introvert’s banter going viral on the internet. While she recited the poem at the Kommune, poetry lounge, Mumbai; the due credit goes to the internet for helping an introvert’s message reach a way bigger audience and for many to empathize with her.

The internet is a microphone
A still from Rabia Kapoor’s poetry recital

My personal favourite success story exemplifying internet wonders is of worldwide YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh best known as Superwoman; who began recording fun videos as a way to cope depression and today stands at close to about 10 million subscribers. Listed among the richest internet celebrities, the once dejected girl now enjoys the status of one of the most popular YouTuber, motivational speaker, a stand-up comedian, and a rapper.

The internet is a microphone
Lilly Singh better known as iisuperwomanii

If you’ve been watching this space, you would know I can’t go on without mentioning web series and short films at least once, so here it goes. In the Indian context, web series are the answer to contemporary and cult, unlike TV shows that have projected kitchen politics for cliffhanger moments.

Subjects like Section 377, live-in relationships, online dating, startup mentality have been explored through the canvas of web series.

The internet is a microphone
All about section 377

Independent, small budget and some minimalist filmmakers and e-book writers have seen light despite constraints because the internet has been their personal publicist. They didn’t have to loosen their purse strings to achieve success.

Speaking in the Indian context yet again, the face of comedy is finally beginning to see beyond Johnny Lever and Kapil Sharma (Not that I’m burning down their posters on the road) but we definitely ought to progress in this space, right?

It is for YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat today that groups like AIB, East India Comedy, SnG Comedy and independent comedians such as Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath among others are finally reaching their audience.

The internet is a microphone
Team, AIB

And of course, the ‘infamous’ AIB roast that among laughter, generated some fire and made some understand the meaning of the word ‘roast’, while some still struggle to understand its meaning and spirit.

This post would be incomplete if I don’t mention social media’s influence in shaping an individual’s impression for people at large. While there’s a whole debate altogether about how people on social media are often wearing a ‘mask’; I can immediately think of Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez‘s confession about marketing herself
through social media. With a follower base of over 6.8 million on Instagram, 4.3 million on Twitter and daily Snap stories, you know she’s on the right track.

Finally, as I’m about to put an end to the list of people who prove that the internet is a microphone, I have to mention the success story of Prajakta Koli, or Mostly Sane; an ordinary Indian girl like you and me who hit over 87k subscribers in the span of 17 months! Churning out videos from her observation of everyday life, she’s an ambassador of the internet wonder.

The internet is a microphone
Mostly Sane, Prajakta Koli

P.S: In case, you’re still wondering why did I go around examples and some more examples, I would like to tag them as local gone global, because the internet is a microphone 🙂

Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter and the conclusion of this post marks my accomplishment of Day 5-Blogging of 14 😀

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  1. Yes yes. 🙂 Internet is indeed, a microphone. Whatever growth I’ve had as a writer has been due to internet too. 😀 I like the examples a lot. I’ve not heard of a few of them, but will check them out once I have access to Youtube (presently blocked by a firewall).


  2. Yes Vinay, the internet is a blessing 🙂 Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the examples. Do check them out on YouTube, some really cool people 😀


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