The Curious Case Of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar

The Curious Case Of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar

The bygone long weekend in India saw more than just Holi greetings or weekend getaway posts. The internet woke up to a rude shock when two popular digital giants hit the news. In case you don’t already know, ShopClues’ founder couple Sandeep and Radhika have been in a mess, that goes beyond home-grown tiffs/solutions. And for the other digital giant that you and I would be addressing today is The Viral Fever (TVF). The founder and CEO Arunabh Kumar has been on the receiving end of a controversial whirlwind after a blog post titled The Indian Uber- That is TVF under the pen name Indian Fowler  went viral.

A first-person account of a former TVF employee, the blog accuses Arunabh of molestation in the author’s work tenure of two years with the popular digital entertainment platform. Just when you think TVF’s image has been tarnished, it was only the first blow until women came out to share similar experiences with Kumar that the fury unfolded.

The Curious Case Of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar
A comment on the blog post


In a response to the blog post, here’s the official statement that came from TVF :

The Curious Case Of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar
TVF’s Comment

While the internet is divided into two camps: The ones who hold Kumar guilty and the ones who think of him as a soft target. Here’s a comment from someone who has a perspective, entirely otherwise.

The Curious Case Of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar
A comment, otherwise

It’s amusing to think that the entire incident could be a marketing gimmick for TVF’s  Bisht,Please because if for some unearthly reason it is, the price to pay is rather high.

Here’s what flusters me…

It’s a good thing that the internet offers a platform which lets people share their untold story with a large audience, voices open up. But yet again, is anonymity a boon or bane in this case? We can’t tell yet because it could be true or false. But that’s what leads me to the second question, would we ever find out? Because most often cases are found buried under the debris of time and power.

P.S: It is the possibility of us being stuck at our versions of truth and reality in the curious case of TVF’s Arunabh Kumar that scares me the most. No sides taken, here’s to hoping the truth no matter what be told. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂


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