Supriya Joshi a.k.a Supaarwoman On Comedy And Writing for AIB

Supriya Joshi a.k.a Supaarwoman On Comedy And Writing for AIB

As netizens we’re at the receiving end of content overload, sometimes way more than we should be, and that perhaps is the only explanation for us taking it for granted on a lot of occasions.

The internet is a bizarre place where the random most- grammatically incorrect memes go viral, and well-crafted pieces struggle to embrace the trends chart on a lot of times.

Curiosity questions what it takes to marry both the worlds and create shareable content? Well it takes a good writer to begin with.  I happened to stumble upon one such good writer who also moonlights as a comedian, after keeping up with her content for quite some time I decided to catch up with her for a curious chat. (9/10 people might already be familiar fans of her, for she is one of the few who addressed her experience on being body shamed and inspired many out there to love, respect and be proud of their bodies. You go girl!)

Humans, say hello to Supriya Joshi a.k.a Supaarwoman, writer at AIB and stand-up comedian, read on  as she reflects upon writing and comedy among other things….

Keeping up with our curiosity in general, why the username Supaarwoman?

So, my name is Supriya and my pet name is Supaar. I joined Twitter back in 2008 with that handle and I felt like something was missing. I added ‘woman’ to the end of it, and then this name just stuck with me. Unfortunately, now people assume that I have ripped off Superwoman’s name, which isn’t true. But I do admire her content, I think she’s a very smart and driven woman.

It takes a long ride in writing to ace it, take us through your journey as a writer…

For as long as I remember, I have been a writer. As a kid, I used to write poetry, then I started journaling and as a teenager wrote some very cringe worthy stories on a very regrettable blog, which I can’t delete because I forgot its password! But I was writing, all throughout. My career graph also found me doing writing jobs. I began as a Content Writer at Tata Interactive Systems and then I was a Senior Features Writer at Better Photography, and now, I’m a Creative Writer at All India Bakchod.

Most people don’t know this about writing comedy….

It’s not as easy as you think it is. To make someone laugh is one of the toughest jobs in the world, because you have to consider a lot of parameters, which eventually leads you to question the universal relatability of a joke or a premise. And you understand that with time. It’s fun too – the writer’s room is always buzzing with jokes, some which make it to the final script, and some that just stay with us as inside jokes.

Crew. #PeopleIWorkWith #LifeatAIB

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The funniest/weirdest question you’ve been asked about working with AIB?

I don’t think I’ve ever received one like that!

If you had to rest your case on body shaming in one sentence, you would say…

Life is too short to waste time listening to other people’s opinions on how you look.

Remember to love yourself today!

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What’s next on the stand up comedy front?

I just wanna keep doing more shows. My immediate goal is to have a tight 30 minute set.

Main sirf legendon waale kaam karti hoon.

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 Sexism in comedy, twisted projection or reality? Share your thoughts with us.

Sexism exists in every sphere of life, so it obviously does manifest itself in comedy too. However, the thing about comedy is that comedians are equally capable of countering it with their opinions too. Which also happens a lot. So I think that way comedy is a space where most people are self aware about these things.

On closing, you would like to say…

Enjoy life, enjoy living in the moment. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. And if you’re a woman and you think you’re funny, please do open mics. We need more of our voices out there.

P.S:  Dear women, if you have a sense of humour, an evolved one, I hope you read the last line. As for Supriya, you and I sure can’t wait to see her 30 minute long stand-up comedy set, we’re sure it’s going to be supaar. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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