Snapchat Stories v/s Instagram Stories

Snapchat Stories v/s Instagram  Stories

No sooner than Instagram launched its stories feature that it has been breaking the internet; sadly for wrong reasons, mostly.

For those of you who aren’t aware what this is because you either have a life beyond social media or you live on another plan; gotta be latter mostly. Instagram, a popular photo/video sharing application has introduced the stories feature replicating from Snapchat.

Given the fanfare it has caught, why not do have a quick chat over Snapchat stories v/s Instagram stories ? Read on and tell me in the comments section, what do you think?


1. Exclusivity: Given that Snapchat was the first one to introduce the stories feature, it automatically wins brownie points over Instagram for exclusivity.

2. Duration: Snapchat and Instagram stories, both appear for 24 hours, so there’s no differentiation point there.

3. Pros: On an application like Snapchat, having a memories feature is almost boon like because just in case you forgot to capture that important moment through your Snapchat camera, you can always share it via the memories option.

For Instagram, there often is a worry about over posting; something many have in the back of their minds but never really discuss it. The stories feature is a good rescue in which case without seeming to be an obsessive posting maniac (Not sure, if that term makes sense:P)

4. Cons: While the memories option on Snapchat acts as a boon, it has a flipside because live posting beauty has lost its charm since most people have shifted to adding pictures from the memories option through the camera roll rather than taking pictures/videos live!

The premise for Instagram’s idea is based on repost or posting after a picture is taken; the story feature about going live at this stage is almost like a bad attempt at invasion of Snapchat usage.

5. Best results: The Snapchat stories feature could work best for public figures/ YouTubbers/ Bloggers given the personal, closer to one’s life touch the app possess.

The Instagram stories feature could work best for brands that work on selling products through Instagram ie. fashion brands primarily in order to keep clients up to date with their latest offerings.

P.S: That’s a simple take on Snapchat stories v/s Instagram stories from just another social media user like you.

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