Sejal Kumar, The YouTube Bound Sensation

Sejal Kumar, The YouTube Bound Sensation

You’ve sure heard of people being homebound but here’s a woman of the web who is clearly YouTube bound and I’m not complaining because her videos only seem to get better each day.

With a journey of little over 2 years on YouTube, Sejal Kumar has now made it to the 100k subscribers’ benchmark. If you’re not a fashion fanatic, you won’t be disappointed either because Sejal creates diverse video content that is extremely helpful for people like you and me.

Without further ado, read on what makes Sejal Kumar, the YouTube sensation.

 1. Her DIY videos are everything that’s amaze


2. Her style on a budget videos have taught many to shop wisely and fashionably!

3. She loves to use the YouTube platform to share a good message or two



4. She doesn’t give up on trying new things, all the time.



5. Her gratitude towards subscribers is the sweetest


6. Her constant need to make variety of content is admirable

P.S:  In a time when people find comfort in a genre they’ve aced it’s good to see Sejal experiment and bring something fresh on the table every time. This woman of the web is an inspiration to many creators out there. Until next time, #StayCurious  🙂

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