Say Hello To BlueTie, Objective-Based Professional Networking

Say Hello To Blue Tie, Objective-Based Professional Networking

We find ourselves under roofs with professionals to exchange ideas, collaboration possibilities and well that list goes on. But how often do we interact with the “right kind” of individuals? We end up meeting inspiring personalities across industries but at the end of the day, we all want to churn a fruitful outcome. Ensuring that happens isn’t always in our hands (Imagine running a filter when indulging in a conversation with someone. That could creep out the other person at the very least :P)

But looks like filtering the relevant results from professional networking is now in our hands (No, I’m not contradicting myself.) I realised I was wrong when I discovered BlueTie, professional networking platform that helps you network with a set objective. What’s this about? Read on to find out…

Curious Question-What is BlueTie?    

Say hello to Blue Tie, an objective-based professional networking platform that allows professionals to list down their categories of expertise and define their purpose on the app i.e: Seeking mentorship, Hiring Talent, Exchanging ideas with professionals with the same interests etc. Alongside this, the app offers a bunch of useful features that  I can’t stop going gaga about!

5 Things I Hearted About BlueTie

I find myself on the internet pretty much 24×7 (Okay, minus the hours I call it a snooze fest.) While I end up discovering everything from tutorials to stand-up comedy videos, stumbling upon a resourceful professional network such as BlueTie is definitely a fresh breeze. Here are 5 (Among many other) things I hearted about BlueTie

1. (Not) Lost In Mail: While we all love meeting professionals from our industry and connecting with them to work together, the part of the process where your portfolio can get lost in mail (A common phenomenon in the information swarmed era) is never thrilling for anyone. Solving this very problem is the BlueTie Pin which acts as a unique id to your profile enlisting all the details required. Doesn’t that make the process completely seamless?

Say Hello To Blue Tie, Objective-Based Professional Networking
In this picture- My BlueTie Pin

2. Networking Over Network Building: Piling contact cards and information, we usually end up network building which only scales up the stacks and contact list and not always leading to a real-time conversation taking things further. BlueTie allows you to experience real networking, while scrolling through professionals from your industry, allowing you to reach out to them directly via a message with a purpose defined.

3. Getting Recognised For The Real Deal: While social media and digitisation has made information readily available it takes us back to point #1, getting lost in space. The space being internet! Your professional skillset is often listed on multiple platforms but how does one find your profile. In my case, “Blog-Content Writing” being a niche, I was pleasantly surprised to find it as a listed category and users looking for my profile can find me by a “Search by Forte” Option.


Say Hello To Blue Tie, Objective-Based Professional Networking
Get discovered by forte

4. Timeliness For The Win: In some cases, especially in digital media, timeliness is the key. If one doesn’t get through a professional within a stipulated time, it’s not a great idea. (If you’ve handled campaigns, I know you can relate.) The platform allows you to input an expected response time, with “immediate response” being a criterion too.

5. A go-to Place:  One of the many cool things about this app is that all your professional requirements can be catered to in one place. There’s no longer a hassle about joining multiple professional platforms for a job listing, searching, mentoring etc

Say Hello To Blue Tie, Objective-Based Professional Networking
That sets things straight!

While I go back to networking with some fellow professionals, I say it’s time for you to say hello to Blue Tie, objective-based networking and bid goodbye to hassles.

BlueTie app is available for download on both- android and ios.

Until next time, #StayCurious 😊


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  1. Thats a very new and promising concept of networking. I am sure it is going to be useful to many professionals.


  2. It’s always great to connect with similar type of minds.i too have registered over Blue Tie and I am glad that I did.


  3. This is totally new concept for me …I was not aware of it, this is certainly a great platform …will check out


  4. This surely looks like a beautiful platform to collaborate with industry professionals will surely give it a try


  5. Wow this seems a great networking portal, would for sure like to make my profile and start afresh in this internet world.


  6. Great post. With everyine being social media Davy, Such apps are the need of this hour


  7. This seems to be a great and new concept to help professionals. Blue tie would surely help professionals to get great jobs easily.


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