You know something is really wrong with us, the human species, when the internet is flooded with quotes and pictures speaking of relationship struggles, failed marriages and otherwise.  The basic, old-school for some, ideology is often forgotten which forms the basis of every relationship. So I decided I should be a good Samaritan and put together a real-time guide to acing relationships.

Read on, comprehend and implement. Okay?

1. Everything except character and conduct fades: You may fall in love with someone because their good looks make you weak in the knees even after going out with them for the longest time, or if you’re like me, you would fall in love with someone each time you discover how beautiful their mind is, because conversations that are food for the soul are bound to make anyone go gaga. Basically, you could have your bunch of reasons to fall in love with someone but with age, time, destiny most things change except conduct and character so if you really want to fall in love with someone, let that happen because for the person he/she is!

Real-Time Guide To Acing Relationships

Even memory fades with time!


2. We’re a family: When we speak of soulmates, we often think of similar interests, hobbies, understanding or wavelength, we most often forget that no matter how self-involved we may be, we’re a true reflection of ourselves with our family, finding the one who shares mutual respect for his/her family and yours at the same time makes for the perfect partner.


Real-Time Guide To Acing Relationships

Family values level: K3G


3. To Each his own: This one is my pet catchphrases because over the years I’ve realised the fairness of this ideology. When we’re with someone, we expect them to share the same opinions, perspective and understand like us but we often forget that no matter how much ever we enjoy the, “Two people, one soul theory,” you and your partner are two different people altogether so acknowledge that fact before you lose your calm over their actions not ‘justifying’ your version of right or wrong.

Real-Time Guide To Acing Relationships

Let them be


4. Respect: I know this is no rocket science but I’ve witnessed relationships fall apart merely due to lack of respect for the other person’s profession or time. You may be the president of your country but that doesn’t mean your partner is whiling away his/her time gazing at the stars in a thought cloud. He/she has an equally important job to do that makes a difference to his/her life and many others’ affected by it.

Real-Time Guide To Acing Relationships


5. The balance: Arguments take the turn of a bitter spat when both the vessels make the noise. A relationship is much like a beautiful song, with the right balance of background music and lyrics. No one would appreciate the sounds of drums and dhols at the same time, right? If he/she loses his calm, it’s your job to maintain yours.

Real-Time Guide To Acing Relationships

Don’t be this


P.S:  Your version of a real-time guide to acing relationships may be different from mine, but aren’t we all striving towards driving through relationships a steady ride? Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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