Organic Therapy Is Now The Size Of A Capsule

Organic Therapy Is Now The Size Of A Capsule

We’re all moving by the speed of our internet connections, constantly on the go to keep up with deadlines, day-to-day updates, and well the list goes on. While our minds are being worked up and milestones are being achieved, our diet definitely isn’t getting any better and we would only be living in denial if we think we’re taking good care of ourselves 😛

As the to-do-list keeps extending by each passing day, the popularity of organic therapy and home remedies continues to gain momentum. You sure want to give it a shot, but do we practically have the time to prepare a Tulsi juice or extract Brahmi leaves to inculcate them in our meals? Clearly, no!

Bridging the gap

The Good Samaritans at Amway, a veteran direct FMCG selling company in India catering every household’s requirement from Nutrition to Beauty (I’m sure you already know this) has launched a new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, combining the best of science, nature and Indian traditional wisdom to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical product supplements with physiological benefits.  Now that does sound like a package deal right? In other words, organic therapy is now the size of a capsule. It definitely couldn’t get simpler than this!

Organic Therapy Is Now The Size Of A Capsule
A basket full of essentials from Amway

What’s in store?

Organic Therapy Is Now The Size Of A Capsule
The goodness of herbs in supplements

4 Nutrilite Herbs:

1. Brahmi: Consisting of 60% Brahmi extracts, consumption of this Nutrilite herb helps in supporting mental agility by improving concentration and attention to detail. We could definitely use this at a time when remembering simplest of names can sometimes feel like a task.

2. Tulsi: One tablet of Nutrilite Tulsi is equivalent to over 100 dried organic Tulsi leaves (Wow, right?) helping in boosting immunity among many other benefits of the herb.

3. Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki: The goodness of 3 herbs in one supplement, this Nutrilite herb supports digestion and thereby helping in a healthy bodily function

4. Ashwagandha: This supplement has gotta be the most vital (pun-intended) in everyday lives because it calms down the nervous system thereby improving vitality. I know how to start my day now!

Organic Therapy Is Now The Size Of A Capsule
Daily Dose Of Herbs

Features of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range       

Some notable features of the range that I personally admired:

-Home-Grown: Going by the Make In India philosophy, Amway has introduced these herbs in, for and by India.

-Seed to Supplement Approach: From the primary stage of seed to the final product of supplement, stringent stages of quality check and process are conducted.

-PSP Approach: The manufacturing process focuses on 3 three key factors purity, safety and potency resulting in the highest quality of products.

P.S: Clearly, organic therapy is now the size of a capsule and I’m ready to give it a shot for its natural ingredients and endless health benefits. What about you? Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 


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  1. It’s great news that Amway is bringing herbs in the form of capsules, it would be very convenient to take the supplements and enjoy a healthy life.


  2. I totally need Brahmi and Tulsi in my life. Glad that Nutrilite provides the goodness of these herbs in a nutshell!


  3. I love the Amway products. Nice article.


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