Open Letter: Dear Social Media User

Open Letter: Dear Social Media User

Dear social media user,

You probably stumbled upon me on Facebook or Twitter because who really cares beyond hashtags and filters on Instagram or Snapchat, right?

Don’t you hate it when you posted a picture on Facebook at 11.34am and by 11.47am all you have is 30 likes? That’s almost at the rate of 2.5 likes per minute, bad enough to put the former first bencher from school to shame. At this rate, you probably wouldn’t even near 100 likes. Because we all know, the buzz of a picture on Facebook is limited to 2 hours, unlike someone double-triple tapping your pictures on Instagram, liking a backdated picture on Facebook is a clear stalker alert and no one wants to be in that light.

Open Letter: Dear Social Media User

It’s a weekday and afternoon which means by now you should be tweeting about trending issues you couldn’t care less about, but you must tweet because otherwise how else will your followers validate your existence?

Heading out today? I hope you’ve picked yourself a sharp shirt to make you look #Dapper enough or a dress to win you Beautiful <3 for a comment. No? Let’s hope the food is fancy enough for to you
to use #foodgasm #foodstagram #foodporn.

At the least, you can put up a picture of the location as a proof of the fancy lands you step on and there’s always Boomerang to the rescue of lack of expressions. Good enough to make a mediocre evening look fun. Now, don’t you love social media?

Don’t get so caught up now, though, that you forget to bring life dates live to your Snapchat squad, they have gotta see start their day with you striking the dog face filter right.

And after all of  this is done and daunted, you should probably look up and smile at the beautiful faces around you. Human interaction isn’t that bad either, in fact, I hear it heals distress faster than social media ever did. Care to try?

Open Letter: Dear Social Media User

P.S: Dear social media user, I’m as hooked as you to the life online but my bad days have helped me realise that life offline is not just as good but even better offline. Try and create a balance between both? I promise you won’t regret. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂


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