Just when you think Monday wasn’t enough stress for the soul, arrives Tuesday! You know what’s saddening about Tuesdays? It’s only the second day of the week and almost feels the same way as waiting endlessly in the restaurant for your food to arrive!
But we complicated-crazy-weird-yet amazing humans always have our way to things. Don’t we? We never fail to discover entertainment in the middle of a rather dull day. So what better than the internet to save yourself some boredom?
Here’s our list of top 5 videos to watch today:

1. Mumbai On Orgasm: Sahil Khattar, the popular face for a leading Indian YouTube channel, Being Indian went about the city talking ‘orgasm’ to people and what did Mumbai have to say? Watch here

2. 3 a.m. | The SIMPSONS: When the world can’t stop talking about the U.S Elections, why should The Simpsons take a back seat? Speaking about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump; they don’t miss a chance to take a dig!

3. Rihanna Goodnight Gotham: Rihanna’s videos rarely fail to it make to the trends chart. This one from her eighth studio album ANTI, doesn’t prove otherwise.Why watch this  video today? Because it’s sure better than mundane.

4. Drop the Mic w/ Cara Delevingne & Dave Franco: What happens when The Late Late Show with James Corden pits actor Dave Franco, model and actor Cara Delevinge and the host himself James Corden in a rap face-off. Obviously, words used aren’t too kind!

5. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa | Episode 03: We’ve told you about this home grown webseries by Y Films that amidst awkwardness and sex education in India; entertains the audience.

P.S: The weekday does not seem all that weak now, does it?

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