Off The Hook: The Easy Way Out To Kindness

Off The Hook: The Easy Way Out

In a world full of shortcuts, we love finding an easy way out. Hungry? Place an order online! Bored? Turn to the internet for videos, blogs,e-books; practically a whole new world in the digital space.
But here’s something for which we still haven’t discovered the easy way out. You ask what? It’s helping and acknowledging!

We often think helping translates to taking major life changing steps by employing all your wealth and time to making a donation or helping a cause. But hey, let’s be practical; we don’t always have time or money in abundance and thus find ourselves in a spot where we barely do our bit towards helping someone or even acknowledging people.

But ever realised how the internet can help in this endeavour? Sometimes, extending help can be as simple as helping a friend spread the word for his/her business online or complimenting someone for a beautiful picture they posted of themselves.

Off The Hook: The Easy Way Out
The easy way out

Mind you, this shouldn’t be confused with a world limited to simply being available for people online. But sometimes, schedules can get crazy and lives, busy beyond imagination. In such a tight situation, it probably isn’t such a bad idea to message a friend as a reminder of your affection towards them.

These are mere ideas, for the rest, the internet is your oyster. Make its wise use to discover the easy way out to help someone, acknowledge an acquaintance or make your friend smile 🙂

P.S: When you know your intent is right and will is strong to do your kind bit, turn to the internet. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

I’ve pledged to participate in a month long blogging challenge for November and this is my day 5 post for #NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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  1. I loved reading this post, and agree with it too.
    I do it all the time, and it feels so good!


  2. Thank you, Mayuri 🙂
    There really isn’t a better feeling!


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