Not Monday Motivation: 7 Rules For The Week

Not Monday Motivation: 7 Rules For The Week

Monday, Mournday, Mundane, wordy drama is never enough for the blues each Monday brings. I personally disregard the day because it’s suddenly like someone’s breaking my cocoon called the weekend. What’s worse about the day is that it comes with a package of whole week of work ahead with it.

Monday Motivation 1

For once #MondayMotivation will give me some pseudo inspiration to win over the day, but what about #TuesdayTorture #WeakWednesday #TormentThursday and of course longest working day, Friday? And Saturday too, if your work allows you to live on mere Sundays!

After a series of cribbing seasons, blah days and not so inspiring days, I devised a 7 rules for the week formula. It’s not preachy, but personal; not rare, but real.

Read on…

Rule 1, Monday: You’re back to the grind with a whole new work week ahead of you, but it’s also a new week to start over and do things differently for better in the personal and professional space. So, devise a plan (Mentally or note it)

Planner mode on

Rule 2, Tuesday: If you’re the one who gets in right on the first day, start working on the implementation part of the plan today; if you’re in the category of ‘most people’ where first day is a trial, today isn’t a bad day either to devise a plan!

Rule 3, Wednesday: By now, you’re out of the weekend shell which means it is time to step up the game. Okay, making it sound less battle field like; for instance if you planned to go to the gym/ visited the gym for 30 minutes after 786946 years, you should now scale it up to an hour.

Yes, like that
Yes, like that

Rule 4, Thursday: Wohoo! It is mid-week; you’ve made it fine without stabbing someone/ burning down a building. You’ve understood the plan game well, get to reviewing the plan now, find how much of a real difference it has made or is it just like another unreal new year resolution?

Rule 5, Friday: If this is last working day of the week, then do a little #Friyay dance, even if it isn’t; the weekend isn’t too far. But know it as a thumb rule, this is going to be a LONG hectic day and your evening plans may get pushed, so don’t lose your calm and hold your patience, real strong.

Mental meditation much
Mental meditation much

Rule 6, Saturday: If you don’t have a working day then well why do you need to move at all? Celebrate a slumber party all day and look your best in the evening as you step out to let your hair down. In case you have to show up at work, be an Ostrich and plan something you like for the evening to make work in 4G speed.

Rule 7, Sunday: The official holiday for most people unless you’re in a job that offers a weekday holiday. My sole motto and mantra for this day is simple, it is ME day; spend it the way you like and fancy but ensure you have some energy saving hours too in order to be weekday ready, all over again.

Do not disturb ME time
Do not disturb ME time

P.S: Now that was my guide to using the device called weekday, user may or not accept as per his/her convenience, although giving it a shot wouldn’t be a bad idea. Ta-ta, it’s a wrap!

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