Mumbaikars, Join In Mash Mixer #30 To Voice Animal Rights

Mumbaikars, Join In Mash Mixer #30 To Voice Animal Rights

As human beings living in or at least trying their best to live in co-existence with each other, we have social media to thank for at large because it has given voice to our problems and issues. We all know we’re simply a Tweet or Facebook post away to share our gloomy experiences with everyone until we find a solution. While mankind evolves through the years thankfully for better, the situation sometimes sadly seems to be worsening for nature’s harmless creatures, animals.

We’ve all come across videos and posts depicting the atrocity animals have to face at large due to human whims and fancies or sometimes mere cruelty. The only solution to make things better would be to have the rights of animals as another social institution given legal recognition. In an effort to make this potential solution a reality, on 25th February, 2017 MASH Project will be questioning the existence of animal rights with the right people for the right audience.

MASH Mixers aims to bring young entrepreneurs, society professionals and industry experts under one roof to hold meaningful conversations on a given theme which resonates with everyone. It is designed in an informal setup where only a small group of people meet and interact with each other to achieve a valuable result in a short period of time.

Mumbaikars, Join In Mash Mixer #30 To Voice Animal Rights

MASH Project is a youth-led non-profit organisation based in New Delhi with its chapters in 6 major cities of India. It aims to foster social entrepreneurship through the process of community building by conducting engaging events, workshops, seminars and assisting social enterprises by acting as an aggregator platform between experts and social change makers.

If you’ve always wanted to make a difference to the animals’ lives, here’s your chance to take the first step by joining likeminded individuals to create the basis of a better future for them.

Here are the details to the event:

When:  Sat, Feb 25 2017, 09:00 AM(IST)

Sat, Feb 25 2017, 05:00 PM(IST)

Where:  Awfis Space Solutions, Poddar Chambers, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

How: Get your entry tickets through GoEventz Here

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