MUMBAI: Call In The New Year 2018 With These Fun Events

MUMBAI: Call In The New Year 2018 With These Fun Events

As I write this, I’m marveling just like you as this year ended in a jiffy with all the happiness and hard work involved. I’m sure you’ve worked your way up to 2017’s finish line to make it a fabulous year to remember!

Don’t you think that all your sweat and sleepless nights deserve a reward? Making that reward a fun start to 2018, I’ve enlisted the best of New Year Parties In Mumbai for you curated by Goeventz. 

But if you wish to know to know what these New Year parties in Mumbai have in store for you, then read on…

MUMBAI: Call In The New Year 2018 With These Fun Events
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1. Open air party at Malad’s Private Pool Bungalow

Why travel miles to let your hair down when you can dance the night away under the stars, access the elite pool bar and celebrate a brand-new year in a carnival fashion?  Head to a 15,000 sq.ft enormous bungalow in Malad with the company you like and bring on a legendary year.

Cost: Rs.1299-Rs.4799 (Including food and drinks)

2. Night camping and activities at Pawna Lake, Lonavala

If you’ve been living in Mumbai long enough, you sure know that Lonavala is the city’s favourite getaway destination. If you’re a fan of trekking and tales with new friends then this illuminated campsite at Pawna Lake near Lonavala is the perfect New Year eve plan for you. Listening to new stories over bonfire, playing board games, dancing to music and hogging on good food is your evening done right then look no more!

Cost: Rs. 2,350 per person ( Inclusive of traveling within Lonavala, food and campfire activities)

3. Eleganza Bollywood Night at Novotel, Juhu

Are you a Bollywood night fan like many of us? Then this event is for you, and all the more if you’re all game for beaches and chandeliers. Experience a fun Bollywood evening at Novotel Juhu’s beachside lawn lounge area and grand ballroom as the DJs, exclusive dance performances and Punjabi Dhol keep your feet tapping.

Cost: Rs. 6,666- Rs.85,000 (Including food and drinks)

4. Kiss Of The Heyday at Kitty Su

Isn’t that quite an accurate event title for a day when you kiss the new year hello at Kitty Su? In case you’re not familiar with Kitty Su, it is one of the most sought-after destinations for EDM lovers celebrating the contemporary Indian. This beautiful place is offering some early bird discounts too, so get your tickets before the offer runs out.

Price: Rs.3,000-Rs.7,000

5. EsselWorld Bignite

Mumbai’s favourite amusement park, EsselWorld is also home to one of the most talked about New Year eve parties. Imagine access to both the parks till wee hours while good music continues to play on loop as you soak in good vibes and everything that a fun carnival has to offer.

Price: Rs. 1390 + GST

Do you wish to know more about these events or want to learn about other fun event, then check these New Year Parties in Mumbai!

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P.S: Are you planning to mark one of these events as your next getaway?  Now you where to head! While you decide on your new year eve plan, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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