Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address

Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address

Among the many emotions of a heart, a Mumbaikar knows the simpatico sentiment that the city is. In his adventure with the city, author Gregory David Roberts rightly sums up the Mumbaikar experience in his book Shantaram as, “It smells of ten thousand restaurants, five thousand temples, shrines, churches and mosques, and of hundred bazaars devoted exclusively to perfume, spices, incense, and freshly cut flowers. That smell, above all things – is that what welcomes me and tells me that I have come home.”

If you’re from Mumbai or have spent a considerable amount of time calling it home you know that of all the colourful, confusing, chaotic yet charming parts of the city, South Mumbai is where a huge essence of the city belongs.

Owning a home in South Mumbai has been on the bucket list for most of us, but in practicality, we don’t want to spend an eternity getting to other parts of the city. But looks like that gap is bridged with Marathon Group and Adani Realty’s collaboration, and luxury has a new address. What is this about you ask? Read on to find out…

Landscaped over 12 acres, Khatau mills in Byculla is one of the last few mills available in South Mumbai which is soon to be a home to residents of Monte South.

What is Monte South?

A luxurious residential and commercial project at Byculla developed by veteran realtors Marathon Group and Adani Realty in a joint venture. We recently had a chance to witness the project offering apartments at Tower 1 (Currently having completed 43 slabs of construction) in the configuration of 2.5 BHK, 3.5 BHK and our personal favourite a dream home combining a 2.5 BHK and a 3.5 BHK flat.

Why Choose Byculla?     

Because it exactly tick marks all the factors. Not only does it entitle you with a home in the heart of the city, it’s connectivity to the Eastern, Western Highway and Eastern Freeway makes commuting to any part of the city a cakewalk. What’s even better? Despite being in the radius of less than a Km from Jacob, the prices offered by the project in Byculla are 1.5x lower (Now that’s a win-win for the buyers.)

The creators also believe that Monte South being developed on the site of the erstwhile Khatau mills, it is set to follow a similar trajectory to what Parel has seen in the last decade with large mill lands making way for residential and commercial projects.

Our experience

When we learnt that this promising project was constructed using the revolutionary Kumkang technology from Korea and the project has been designed by Hafeez Contractor, the recipient of several awards including the luxury project of the year at the DNA property awards 2018; the design enthusiasts in us couldn’t wait to witness the show flat on 28th floor to get a glimpse of the final output. Before we tell you more, here are snippets we captured for you.

Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address
Imagine waking up to this view
Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address
A closer view of the bay
Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address
A glimpse from the enormous living room


Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address
The dream home here is a happy place
Monte South, Say Hello To Luxury’s New Address
The kitchen is as huge as the rest of the rooms

What we loved…

Among the endless list of things, we love about this project, we’re naming a few from a buyer’s perspective: Well-planned homes, (Most homes today are a resultant of space cutting and ill-planning creating a lot of space wastage with uneven distribution. However, the homes at Monte South clearly offer the “liveable” space they promise), A stunning view from every window (Yes, even the kitchen for that matter.) Amazon themed landscaping, an upcoming volleyball area by a personal beach, lotus pond, skating rink etc.

Why Khatau Mills?

Khatau mill compound was acquired much before 2002. The mill compound had old mills and a natural water body as a pond within.

It was pretty rare to find a natural water body on this side of South Mumbai, the developers -Marathon Group & Adani Realty decided to retain it. Naturally occurring species of fish are in the pond. Over the years, the developers have maintained the pond with proper barricades and implemented aeration from time to time. Biological Oxygen Demand is monitored from time to time and aeration is done to introduce oxygen in the pond.

Naturally occurring algae plants are found in the pond that serves as an important part of the pond ecosystem. Many varieties of birds also perch by the pond at times.

“At Monte South, we had the luxury of working with an enormous land parcel, this gave us the opportunity to create serene spaces away from the bustle of the city. Our podium is also designed to be an oasis in the sky with a large pool flanked by a beach above the 8th-floor podium. In keeping with the same theme of providing our residents a deeper connection to nature, we thought of retaining this pond, thereby retaining a semblance of the old charm of the mill land,” says Mr Mayur Shah, Managing Director, Marathon Group and President CREDAI MCHI.

What’s more?

“We are also planning to build a Jain Derasar next to the pond. The serene location near the pond makes it an ideal spot for a place of worship,” said Mr. Shah. Residents at Monte South will continue to enjoy the nature connect not only above the 8th podium level but also on the ground level. As developers, working with such structures provides an opportunity to marry the contemporary design with existing natural ecosystem.

He further adds, “We truly believe that large land parcels and their master planning need to be dealt with care and consideration. Challenging our limits to marry the contemporary design with old world charm was one such design consideration for Monte South.”

P.S: As Monte South shapes through this design journey, and we can’t stop gushing over this architectural marvel, we recommend you a site visit to this property. Head here for more details. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

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