Mithila Palkar, The Darling of The Web

Mithila Palkar, The Darling of The Web

You know you don’t have to essentially be a web-trotter, but someone who spends just about enough time on the internet to catch a video or two to know who Mithila Palkar is.

Does it ever happen that a person you’ve never met or known personally has affection for their pleasant presence? Well, that,in a nutshell is how most millennials feel about Mithila. In over two years on the internet, this woman of the web has won hearts and become the darling of the web age.

Read on as to what makes Mithila Palkar, the darling of the web age….

1. She had us all in a laughter riot with Confusing Things Girlfriends Say. #MuchFeels

2. She painted the cutest picture of an aspirant in Mumbai with Girl In The City

3. When she was not acting, she enthralled all of us with the Cups Song

4. With her acting venture in Little Things, she brought realism on screen alive

5. Her innocence as Mili on Chukyagiri had us aww’ing


6.She aces the beauty of the language, Marathi like no one else



7. Not to forget her respect for the state is note-worthy, the sincerity in her voice is everything


P.S: You already know that a web series or video is interesting when Mithila is gracing it. This woman of the web is an admirable example of ease and elegance. We can’t wait to watch another video featuring her. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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