Mental Health Talk: Dear Adults, Stop Doing This

Mental Health Talk: Dear Adults, Stop Doing This

If you’re reading this, you’re either an adult or likely someone who is soon to be an “adult.” Before we kick-start this conversation, let’s get it straight. What or who is an adult? By the pure definition of the world, someone who is 18 years of age and above is an adult. But in my personal opinion, anyone who is functioning to take up responsibilities is an adult. Let’s face it, in 2018, adulthood begins way earlier. Microentrepreneurs, budding founders, and techies are rather sprawling (That’s how the process looks.)

Mental Health Talk: Dear Adults, Stop Doing This
We need to stop normalising stress

While we live in a time when success seems a step closer and the world a smaller place (Props to the internet), we’re flattering in one domain: Mental Health. How you ask?

As a 20-something, when I was growing up I had always witnessed adults being stressed over the roofs and carrying the weight of their problems on their shoulder which then reflected on their faces and lives at large, and thus when I grew up, my first surge of stress felt like normal phenomenon.

But there clearly has to be a way out, adulting doesn’t necessarily have to come along with stress as its part and parcel. How you ask?

Here’s how one can balance mental health with adulting…

-Eat, Work and Play: We’re often used to the former two and easily forget the latter in our daily lives. I recommend each of us must indulge in an activity/hobby we really enjoy. While I’m a huge fan of watching shows, films or reading books in my free time, I believe we all need to spare an hour or so in an activity away from technology. Try learning a musical instrument, go for a stroll or participate in a game of football.

-Balanced Diet: I often find myself in a spot where I’m either on a crazy calorie count or a junk eating spree, the balance seems to be gone in the wind and that’s where I’ve found my health being affected. What you eat plays a huge role in your anxiety levels and mental being. Being on extreme sides can drive you crazy, the idea is to find the balance and lead to fitter life, physically and mentally.

-Good Vibes Therapy: This is as simple as it can get, but it’s tougher than we know. We end up attracting not so positive vibes when we surround ourselves with ideologies that weigh others down. The idea is to distance yourself from negativity and attract good vibes online and offline.

-Yoga Your Way Out: It is the month of the year when International Yoga Day is celebrated and India being the land of yoginis, we’re a step closer to learning from the experts themselves. Practice simple asanas like Bhujangasana, Tadasana, Uttanasana, Virabhadrasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Vrikshasana to begin your yoga journey.

Thank you Shalu R Varadkar from  for introducing me. I would like to pass the baton to Anahita Irani who has been a pre-school teacher for 25 years and took voluntary retirement from school just last year but not given up teaching which is was her first passion. She is currently running successful blog called and is a full-time lifestyle and food blogger.

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P.S: Dear adults, stop doing this. Stop taking your health for granted and started living for yourself. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. Well mentioned, we as adult don’t bother about our health. But if our children doesn’t have a pencil also we are worried.


  2. Well mentioned, we as adult don’t bother about our health. But if our children doesn’t have a pencil we are worried. We should start keeping our health at priority.


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