Letting Go Is The Best Thing You Will Do As An Adult

Letting Go Is The Best Thing You Will Do As An Adult

Dear you,

You, the kind hearted human caught between being true to yourself and keeping up with the pace and face of the world.

You maybe adulting for a while now, doing your job right, acing certain goals, paying your rent and bills on time but there’s this thing you can’t seem to get right. The process, the drill or situation you may call it even, that you don’t seem to have cracked quite right. The exhausting, confusing and absolutely overwhelming process of sustaining relationships.

You maybe a 20-year-old figuring old adulthood or wise at 40, yet people seem like a never ending challenge. They almost never cease to amaze you because they come in hues that fade quicker than the scent of rain.

You have tried back and forth to understand, appreciate these intricate hues but only when you’ve understood the nerve of a shade, it seems to have transformed to another one.

You too wish to hold on to these beautiful moments, you wish they were here to stay forever, but before you know it, they’ve taken the speed of a  tornado ,taking away the best pictures from your life’s photo album.

Dear you, it’s okay, not all are meant to stay and sustain. Not every story is supposed to hold the beauty of perfection, some relationships and people come with a validity period, best let go when the time runs out.

Dear you, letting go is the best thing you will do as an adult. Because at the feeling of letting go will free you from the heaviness of your soul.

P.S: You might be fighting yourself on days to draw meaning out of wronged relationships or failed friendships, but the truth is letting go is sometimes the best choice you will make. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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