It’s Around You

It's Around You

For the longest time I had lost a precious diary, and for the stationery sensitive writer; I was frantic as ever, after days of looking everywhere the diary was nowhere to be found. This evening I started rummaging through drawers and bags in search of wireless speakers that are again among the important things to me. (You may ask, why did I lose them in the first place? I would say, I don’t do it intentionally. That’s the best explanation I’ve come up with till date :P)

Getting back to this little lost and found tale, while I messed the entire room all over again looking for those speakers, I found the diary! To me, it’s no short of a dramatic moment; perhaps even more joyous than reuniting with another human.
And where did I find the diary? In a plastic cover resting under my bed’s mattress. (Yes, it may come across as a weird place to house things) As for the speakers, I found them too!

Why did I take to this space to tell the diary story? Because it reminded me of an obvious but neglected life rule: To look within and around!

Most often when we’re stuck with daily life crisis or sometimes amidst life turning events, we seek answers everywhere but around us or within us where the answer actually lies 🙂

P.S: Next time you’re in a flimsy situation, pause, look, and remember it’s around you! (And I don’t mean in this context of Pokémon Go :P)

Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter and this is my 14th post!


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