#InternetCrying: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Divorce

#InternetCrying: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Divorce

Ever since the news of Brangelina’s divorce broke out, the internet was thrown in a fire of frenzy. People went berserk and how!
What surprises me the most is the cult status the couple has in the eyes of people in general. Those with even the least inclination towards Hollywood or Hollywood celebrities have been crying their souls out about #Brangelina separation.

What makes this couple so popular and the news of their divorce a trend-setter on the internet?

The fact that they’re high profile and A-list celebs? Or the fact that Pitt was formerly married to yet another popular face, Jennifer Aniston? Or simply because it takes away your faith in love because a Β couple decides to call it quits after being together for over a decade?? The reasons are too many and there’s little justice we can do, given different mindsets.

However there’s one thing for sure, #InternetCrying has never felt more real. Take a look at reactions on the internet.

Some also decided to see the divorce through Jennifer Aniston’s eyes:

P.S: Grab a tissue if you too are in the lot of #InternetCrying, or secretly laugh if you’re team Jennifer Aniston:P Until next time, #StayCurious

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