Indian Digital Campaigns/Ads We Hearted In February

Indian Digital Campaigns/Ads We Hearted In February

We’re about to step in March, but with 24 hours to go before the awesome month (we ensure you to make it awesome) begins, we decided to take a look back to the month this was.

As web trotters, digital content has our love, you would know if you’ve been keeping up with Curiosity Cult; if you haven’t that’s okay too because you’re never too late.

We did a quick roundup of the Indian digital campaigns/ads we hearted in February, read on and tell us in the comments section which one is your favourite?

1. Terribly Tiny Tales for Zee TV and Hotstar

 Who: Terribly Tiny Tales, world’s largest micro-fiction platform started out by telling tales on the internet in 140 characters or less. Over the years, tales multiplied and the community grew.

What: TTT has collaborated with one of India’s leading TV channels Zee TV for its upcoming TV show Piya Albela and digital entertainment platform Hotstar  for its Original CinePlay Some Times.

Why:  The collaboration with Zee TV marked a sharp moment for the digital industry as it was the first time that a mainstream Hindi TV channel integrated with a digital platform in such an untraditional way.  As for Hotstar, it is a move applauded because Netflix already has been creating buzz with its digital ads for the Indian audience.

Indian Digital Campaigns/Ads We Hearted In February
Terribly Tiny Tale for ZEE TV


Terribly Tiny Tale for Hotstar
Terribly Tiny Tale for ZEE TV


Indian Digital Campaigns/Ads We Hearted In February
Terribky Tiny Tale for Hotstar

Check them out here  


2. Furrentines Day, Romedy Now X Cat Café Studio

 Who:  A Times Network TV channel marking the blend of romantic and comedy, Romedy Now has numerous loyalists engaging with its content.

What:  Romedy Now decided to ditch the idea of mainstream Valentine’s Day celebration this year and instead joined hands with Cat Café Studio, Mumbai and People for Animals to create a Furrentines Day campaign. For every tweet with the #FurrentinesDay, Romedy Now made a donation towards the furry ones.

Why:  Given that pets are an adorable category on social media, the campaign received massive response alongside Romedy Now acing social responsibility.

Indian Digital Campaigns/Ads We Hearted In February
Romedy Now’s Furrentines Day camapign

Check them out here

3. AIB (All India Bakchod) for Flyrobe

 Who:  Having begun in 2012 on YouTube, AIB is one of India’s most popular YouTube channels creating sketches and having a little over 2 million subscriber base.

What:  As we had shared with you early this month, AIB’s collaboration with Flyrobe, an online fashion rental store went on to become one of our most favourite examples of brand integration whilst the sketch had us in splits.

Why:  AIB used its strength i.e humorous sketches for a brand, Flyrobe. Other than brand and product placement, they went a step ahead to create a fake app by the name Févént to get people to download Flyrobe.

Check them out here

4. VITSBUMPS’ Vulgarity is not in the clothes; it’s in the eyes

 Who: VITSBUMPS is the newest YouTube channel run by engineers to share a laughter or message.

What:  One of their videos from this month, titled Vulgarity is not in the clothes; it’s in the eyes highlights those awkward peek-a-boo moments women face in public and not to forget the even more awkward guardians who point out them because we’re hardwired to believe that we need to watch out for each other in these moments.

 Why: With utmost simplicity, the video points out that it’s not the pallu or palazzo but perspective that needs to be altered.

Check them out here  


5. FilterCopy for Furlenco

Who: An Indian content platform having garnered praises for its shareable content, Filter Copy offers freshly brewed content.

What:  One of their recent offerings is a video collaboration with Furlenco, a furniture rental website. In a video titled If Parents Behaved Like Us, FC subconsciously placed the brand in it.

Why:  Watching veteran actors Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha play digital savvy/ social media addictive parents is a delight to watch!

Check them out here

P.S:  When content so amazing takes to the digital space, you know there isn’t a better time to be online. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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