Here’s The Thing Women Need To Stop Doing, NOW!

Here's The Thing Women Need To Stop Doing, NOW!

A fortnight ago, I found myself waiting at the parlour for about 15 minutes before I could cry my life away as the beautician would pluck every possible existing hint of hair on my upper lip and erase all the unibrow feels off my face.

For the procrastinator and the least grooming motivated human that I am, I wouldn’t wait at the parlour for 15 minutes. But this time, given that I hadn’t been to the parlour in 2 months (I don’t know why you need to know this, but TMI never hurts) the chances of someone mistaking me for a no shave November participant were rather high.

Here's The Thing Women Need To Stop Doing, NOW!

Anyhow, getting back to my story, I had been waiting for 15 minutes, I sat there with 3 bags in my hand, it was a day before Diwali which means I bought everything from additional diyas to entrance door embellishments for an Ekta Kapoor tv show home.

Exasperated that I was, almost out of a battle; I found respite in an odd chair. 2 minutes of peacefully sitting there and I saw a woman’s eyes darting right into my face. I don’t have a better verb because that’s what the look did to me, almost piercing into my face.

And you may instantly think that I was overdressed or underdressed or something may have been strikingly awkward or amazing for me to get that kind of attention; well trust me I couldn’t look more ordinary. I wore a regular T-shirt and jeans!

And she kept piercing into my face, nonstop. Sounds weird! Creepy even, right? But guess what? This is not the first time that I or any other girl would have experienced the unspoken raging look! Women do this to other women ALL the time!

Here's The Thing Women Need To Stop Doing, NOW!
The stare

Be it traveling in the train, working on our desks, attending events/parties or simply going to the parlour to prevent ourselves from looking like human gorillas, women love staring at other women from top to bottom. I struggle to understand the reason till date! I’ve noticed multiple peers of mine doing the same. I;ve got “I was noticing, what was she wore,” for an explanation. Honestly, I don’t see why you need to scan her to ‘notice’ what she was wearing!

And you know what’s worse? Women often notice creepily stare other women for a good 10 minutes and then bitch about their outfit! (So are you suggesting that you needed to stare her inside out to have enough issues with her outfit to bitch broadcast about it?)

Here's The Thing Women Need To Stop Doing, NOW!
Bitchy broadcast

I know a lot of women are not gonna like reading this. I wouldn’t say everyone is like that, some still remember the basic art of complimenting and making another person feel good!

The idea of this post isn’t to rant and mock us. Women are in fact amazing; times, when they stand up for each other and support each other flourish, are true instances of empowerment, however, the longer than eternity stares can get unwanted and uncomfortable. Like it isn’t enough that men make us feel uncomfortable and sometimes awkward even with their inexplicable stares that we do it to each other.

P.S: Dear women, the next time you see a girl looks pretty, compliment her instead of making her uncomfortable. I’m sure, we can spread some #GirlLove every now and then. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

I’ve pledged to participate in a month long blogging challenge for November and this is my day 7 post for #NaBloPoMo

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  1. This is a very interesting take on people noticing people and their social behavior, I can purely relate some of my experience !


  2. Omg! That’s weird. Luckily I haven’t met a woman like that yet who would stare. Gosh! You are right that those who do this men or women should stop doing this 🙂


  3. I have personally seen some people do this, yes women can be very nasty sometimes, it is us who have to know what is right or wrong for ourselves. others are others and that is all.


  4. I compliment women all the time, strangers too and, just between you and me, I get suspicious looks when I do! So, i’m trying to curb it down a little :)))


  5. Haha, that’s so adorable 😊
    And like you pointed, the suspicion shows we’re not used to women complimenting each other.
    So glad someone is doing it ❤


  6. I second with Mayuri here. I try to compliment someone and I get a stare back in return. At least smile, woman!


  7. It’s time we started accepting this! *Sigh*
    But cheers to you for complimenting others 🙂
    We need more women like you two ❤


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