Here’s How You Can Ensure Good Health On The Go

Here’s How You Can Ensure Good Health On The Go

Growing up we’ve endlessly read prevention is better than cure. While we often nod in agreement, the reality is that health is not taken seriously until sickness comes. However, in the last 3 years since we said hello to the freelance life as marketing consultants through the day, content creators through the evening and travellers 365 days across the year, we’ve adapted Health On The Go

What is Health On The Go?

As the term suggests, health on the go refers to taking care of our health while being on the go. It could mean amidst leaping between meetings, work deadlines, or travelling to places little know. How have we been able to adapt this approach you ask? SRL Diagnostics, the most doctor preferred lab with the highest number of diagnostics labs in the country has come to the rescue.

How SRL has helped us embrace Health On The Go?

-Contemporary User-Friendly: As webtrotters, nothing is quite like a rendezvous online. SRL Diagnostics clearly understands this with their extremely user-friendly website with features helping one discover the nearest lab centre in their city/vicinity, and better even, schedule a blood collection appointment through home visit via online booking. If you prefer apps on the phone instead of logging on to the website, SRL has its very own app too available on Google Play and App Store.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Good Health On The Go
Mobile-friendliness for those adapting health on the go!

This means no hassle of going all the way to the lab centre on an empty stomach for those fasting tests. Punctuality and user comfort is something the team at SRL definitely vouches for, the team expert is always before time for those early morning fasting tests and super smooth with syringes making it seem like a walk in the park (This is coming from someone with a low threshold for pain)

-Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you’re someone who has a sedentary lifestyle keeping your health in check or a gym buff who would like to up their fitness game, they’ve got a series of tests to help everybody out there.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Good Health On The Go
Your destination for good health

Early diagnosis is important for better management of non-communicable diseases and their treatment. Since diagnostics determine the choice of treatment, the diagnostics industry could become the focal point for driving healthcare in India. Addressing lifestyle led health problems, SRL introduced effective health packages which can be customized as per the age, gender, medical history etc to address pertinent problems.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Good Health On The Go
Cafeteria at the lab for post fasting tests

Some of their tests that cover every age group and segment are:

1. Active Care: Ideal for those who find themselves behind an office desk for most time of the day, or at home tending to household chores or anybody with a sedentary lifestyle engaging in little or no physical activity.

2. Vital Care: A specific series of tests helping one determine and diagnose particular issues relating to an organ or part of the body. It’s best-suited for an advanced level of testing for ailments.

3. Fitness Care: Aiming to run that marathon or upping their speed on the treadmill? The fitness at SRL got you covered by analyzing the key biomarkers in your blood, and giving you the green signal for your improved endurance and performance helping you in your next fitness adventure.

4. Evergreen Care: Ideal for individuals who’ve crossed the bridge of 40 years up to 60 years helping them get a comprehensive check-up done and keeping health in good shape.

5. Complete Care: Meant for every age group, the complete care series of tests is perfect for those getting their health checkup done for the first time.

-Speedy and Accurate Reports: SRL Diagnostics have the highest number of NABL and CAP-accredited labs which is the assurance of the best quality of its services. Not only do the reports accurately analyze micro and macro factors, but they are also delivered at lightning speeds. In most cases, the reports are delivered in a couple of hours. Taking care of your health doesn’t demand too much of your time if you do so with SRL Diagnostics. I can see why they’ve been awarded the Best Brand in Diagnostics Services by Economic Times!

P.S: A regular series of checkups and interaction with doctors at SRL Diagnostics can ensure good health on the go. We hope you too embrace this approach. Remember! Health is real wealth. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊


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  1. SRL is a trusted pathological lab.. no doubt.. but what we love the most is that it’s colourful and kid friendly.. young kids are often scared to visit the doctor or hospital for tests or appointment.. this kind of environment eased their anxiety!


  2. Good to know about these awesome health services. Thank you for sharing.


  3. yes i agree that early diagonises helps us to prevent or cure the disease at an early stage. Oir family always get checkups done.


  4. At my last job, I was associated with SRL diagnostic.

    It is a trusted & recognised lab.


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